Selling is a separate part of commodity-money relations, secured the agreement of the seller and the buyer on the sales. Trade wholesale carry wholesale enterprise (base), which can act as intermediaries or to sell the goods independently.

Wholesale brings financial benefits not only by producers but also retailers who are reselling. Sale of goods in bulk – essential and integral to the implementation stage products, enabling the transition of goods from producer to consumers. Wholesale enterprises generally not only sales, but also engage in warehousing and transportation.

You must know that wholesale is always required packing. It can be purchased wholesale from specialized companies. For example, Mail of Russia sells plastic packaging, suitable for shipping by mail.

Enterprises should be able to smooth out prices, and improve the quality of goods in case of need. Should also closely examine the market conditions to adjust production volume according to demand. The main disadvantages of modern wholesale businesses are in violation of the terms of delivery and failure to meet production volumes. When a company focuses only on the volume, at the expense of quality, it also does not lead to anything good.

It is important to note that the work of wholesale organizations, particularly the pricing of their products, affects the functioning of all economic sectors in the country. This business has advantages over retailers that are accompanied by large cash transactions and large amount of business contacts. The important role of wholesale trade plays in creating connections between different regions and producers. Wholesale companies are able to influence the range of products and to provide products to different parts of the city.

The main criterion for success is the continuous improvement of quality of products and level of service that is performed by a careful analysis of all the requirements of potential buyers.