Make a list of customers who could purchase goods. Before you register a company, it is necessary to find out the size of the market, which is going to work. Your list should receive the key players. To find them, will have to find a wholesale base, to talk to store employees. Wholesalers often dispense with advertising as over the years to work with a limited number of regular customers. To find all future customers think, who they serve, and communicate with their customers.
Find out the current procurement prices and other terms of supply. No matter what come to customers without the intention to conclude a contract. Now you produce intelligence. Can be presented as a representative of a company that plans to serve the region. Ask that not satisfied customers. Some information will gather. Some of them ask to bring the price and never tell me anything. Make sure that you communicate with the head of the firm. Say you'll be able to give good conditions, but it is necessary to estimate the volume of purchases.
Find suppliers, calculate and rate the margin. On the basis of the collected information can roughly estimate the volume of purchases. It will need to negotiate with suppliers. They need to get the best terms despite the fact that, as yet, are preliminary negotiations.
Tidy up the legal aspect of their activity. When it is clear how the profit is formed, known costs, it is possible to register a company and start working.
Make offer to your customers. After the 2nd step, you know, on what conditions they collaborate with other suppliers. Make a package of commercial offers that will allow you to stand out from the environment like. Use the weaknesses of your competitors. If a potential customers complained about the delivery time, can focus on the quality of this service. Competitors will not be easy to rebuild.