Advice 1: How to begin wholesale trade

Wholesale trade is divided into large and small wholesale. Small wholesalers work directly with retail, delivering the goods to the stores. Large wholesalers hold warehouses of a different size, and deliver the goods to small wholesalers. The scope of activities depend on initial capacities.
How to begin wholesale trade
Make a list of customers who could purchase goods. Before you register a company, it is necessary to find out the size of the market, which is going to work. Your list should receive the key players. To find them, will have to find a wholesale base, to talk to store employees. Wholesalers often dispense with advertising as over the years to work with a limited number of regular customers. To find all future customers think, who they serve, and communicate with their customers.
Find out the current procurement prices and other terms of supply. No matter what come to customers without the intention to conclude a contract. Now you produce intelligence. Can be presented as a representative of a company that plans to serve the region. Ask that not satisfied customers. Some information will gather. Some of them ask to bring the price and never tell me anything. Make sure that you communicate with the head of the firm. Say you'll be able to give good conditions, but it is necessary to estimate the volume of purchases.
Find suppliers, calculate and rate the margin. On the basis of the collected information can roughly estimate the volume of purchases. It will need to negotiate with suppliers. They need to get the best terms despite the fact that, as yet, are preliminary negotiations.
Tidy up the legal aspect of their activity. When it is clear how the profit is formed, known costs, it is possible to register a company and start working.
Make offer to your customers. After the 2nd step, you know, on what conditions they collaborate with other suppliers. Make a package of commercial offers that will allow you to stand out from the environment like. Use the weaknesses of your competitors. If a potential customers complained about the delivery time, can focus on the quality of this service. Competitors will not be easy to rebuild.

Advice 2 : How to open a wholesale warehouse

Creation of new warehouse complexes is a natural step towards the development of Mercantile and manufacturing company. To have warehouses in those regions where there are sites or dealers work – convenient and profitable. So if you, as the head of the opening of the representative office, the company will charge the organization of the warehouse don't be surprised.
How to open a wholesale warehouse
You will need
  • - a detailed business plan for a new wholesale warehouse;
  • - the building which can be rented or to build);
  • - warehouse equipment, ordered in accordance with the performed calculations;
  • - staff (5-10 people);
  • the package permits.
Gather information on sales in this region, you have to understand the dynamics of their development. Be sure to check with local dealers or representatives in your company. Before taking any steps to organize the warehouse, make a business plan with the most detailed financial information.
Decide which location for the warehouse will be optimal, and then find a finished building at the warehouse complex or the land for its construction. Supply chain with all the details you should have in mind – only then will you be able to understand the strategic feasibility of one or another location. If you want to rent a room, make sure it is suitable for warehouse of the type that requires you, that is the wholesale terminal.
Resort to the services of a consultant in the field of warehouse logistics, if you are not a specialist yourself. Having a building built or rented), start with the organization of storage space – divide it into plots (a plot of loading and unloading, reception area, storage area and phase picking of goods). Calculate what kind of storage equipment you'll need – for this use full information about the range of goods and materials with which you are dealing, and their dimensional characteristics.
Create a team of warehouse workers in our warehouse not being used so little. However, the main thing – to find the warehouse Manager, who then will be able to find people to work with. Five people you need at a conservative estimate, sometimes the warehouse complex serving up to ten people.
Useful advice
Do not belong to the warehouse work as a side business and trust it only to professionals, try to use all modern methods of warehouse management (including WMS system).

Access roads to your wholesale warehouse should be as comfortable as possible and always free, so it is better to arrange a warehouse on the outskirts of the city to your transport did not stand for hours in traffic.
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