Think about what kind of wholesale trade you want to do. Gather as much information as possible, to do marketing analysis will identify the demand of the consumers.
Decide what target audience you can count on. That is, what consumers can use your products. It depends on a number of factors: saturation of the market, level of prices, service, convenience for customers (the location of your office, store, warehouse). Try to attract attention to the most profitable customers (retail and wholesale traders, store owners). Make every effort to establish good relations with them, be interested in working with you. Guide a competent advertising company.
Pay special attention to the range of offered products. Well, when the item is extensive, varied, but on the other hand a wide range is costly, which does not always pay off quickly (some items can stay, for example). Therefore, the basis of the item should be most popular and profitable product groups.
Carefully choose the suppliers of goods. Do not pursue cheapness, as in some cases it is a consequence of low quality.
The price level on your goods should not be higher than the market average, as it will scare away the bulk of the clientele. On the contrary, to the extent possible, try to they were cheaper than the competition. Even if the difference would be purely symbolic because it attracts customers from the point of view of psychology.
Pick a qualified personnel. Remember that the profitability of your business will largely depend on how officials talk politely with customers how to confidently and intelligently answer their questions. Also for clients it is very important how fast they serve (execute all documents, load the machine). So try to the office and warehouse were located close to each other in a convenient location.
Be sure to devise a system of motivation. Permanent and the most profitable customers should be given discounts on selling prices or deferred payment. Your task is to ensure that they were satisfied with the cooperation and not looking for another vendor.