There are two types of trade according to the number of sales times retail, where goods are sold by the piece, and with every customer personally, and wholesale, in which the goods are sold by tens, hundreds, thousands of pieces which is a layer between producers and retailers. In order to successfully sell the product wholesale, you must know a few simple rules to follow.
Constantly looking for clients. Depending on the size of the client company, you can sell large and small wholesale shipments. Remember that in the case of wholesale you can successfully operate with two concepts: delivery, timing and price. At first try to attract customers with low rates for a large batch of producta – remember that the more goodsand you produce, the cheaper you will pay for the unit. Accordingly, the same must feel and customer.
Carefully follow the terms of the contract. Try to put smaller bills for logistics and delivery, while delivering products just in time. Remember that in wholesale trade the most important condition of long-term customer relationships is a timely and rigorous compliance of the conditions of the contract.