Permission for sale of goods may be issued by such state bodies as the sanitary-epidemiological station, Rospotrebnadzor, management of fire safety, municipality, town Council, and even MOE.


One of the most common types of permission is a license or a special law provides the possibility of doing some sort of activity. There are a number of different products, subject to licensing primary among which we can distinguish the following main groups:
- any alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;
- drugs and other products, pharmacology;
- slot machines.

Requires additional coordination work associated with the sale of precious metals and stones wholesale, any kind of trading with refined petroleum products, fire equipment and any safety devices, whether simple or modern fire extinguishers fire protection. Special permissions require also controlled by the authorities and closed for many organizations, the types of activities, such as trading land resources and weapons.

Retail sales

A special place is a tent and writing the type of sales that needs additional permissions to the device and the further operation of the facility on the municipal territory.

Implementation of many types of goods, mostly food, perfumery and cosmetic products, permits not required, however, subject to the law No. 294-FZ, talking about the need for notification of the oversight bodies, in this case of the CPS, about the beginning of work.


Similar, but at the same time have some differences from the license is the certificate. Mandatory certification for the implementation of the wholesale or retail is subject to a number of products that somehow can affect human health. These include almost all children's products, medical products, and food products that have limited implementation period, the boilers and pipes, equipment of various types, some types of tools, weapons, pyrotechnics, some types of tissue, going for tailoring of children's and medical clothing and many more in accordance with the unified list approved by the Russian government.