Trade types

Trade is the economic activity aimed at implementation of the exchange of goods, sales of goods, as well as the attendant processes.

There are two types of trade: wholesale and retail. Wholesale trade is the activity of selling goods and services in large quantities for subsequent resale, use or processing. Ie the product is not sold for end use and for the needs of the business.

Feature of wholesale trade is that the interaction is carried out according to the following schemes: organization-organization, organization-entrepreneur, entrepreneur-an entrepreneur. Ie, the buyer in this case identificireba.

Opposite wholesale trade retail stands. It is a set of actions to bring the product to the final consumer. I.e. the product or service is not intended for resale. And absolutely no matter how the sale is carried out: on the street, in stores, via the Internet.

As a rule, trading relations are carried out through money, when one party (the seller) transfers to another party (the buyer) the goods or service in exchange for money. But there is another form, when the goods are exchanged for goods. This kind of trade is called barter.

Quality seller

The trading process is very time-consuming, requiring special skills, specific knowledge and skills, and the strength is not for everyone.

As the saying goes: "a Good salesman and a fur coat in Africa will be able to sell. One of the laws of the market says: "Demand creates supply". Therefore, before introduction of the product to a certain segment of the market you need to study it, to resort to marketing research which will give clear idea about the need in this particular segment: competitive quality/price products of competitors, availability and purchasing capacity of customers, the possibility of attracting new customers.

As you know, the main engine of trade is advertising. It helps to attract the potential buyer. And at the initial stage is the main means of "Dating" with the potential buyer.

However, the trade sector imposes a number of requirements to the seller. He should know his product, its pros and cons, to be interested in it and know how to present it to the buyer.

It should be borne in mind that the buyer's attention can be attracted immediately. Therefore, an important seller is patience. Also just a necessary skill of communicating with people, because the ability to present the product to the buyer can be a whole art. Therefore, trading in the same product, one vendor per day can earn weekly revenue of a competitor.