Providers are of three categories. The most preferable, though the most expensive - the manufacturers of the goods. The second category includes dealers and distributors, officially representing manufacturers. They don't require investment of money. The third category – dealers, the most undemanding and the most unreliable category.
As for manufacturers, to find such a provider is not difficult - just look at the packaging of any product. It usually contains name, address and e-mail or website. Your task will be to overcome the resistance and enter into a contract, as vendors strive to only work with large wholesalers. But be sure to check the certifications from the manufacturer, as to make their own certification of goods quite difficult.
To make the choice authorized dealer you can by typing in the search bar of the browser product name and adding to it the word "wholesale". But the problem is that not always those businesses that will be listed in the first row of the query result are indeed an official supplierand will be able to work with you on a cashless basis, as a legal entity.
The search providers will help you with information and methodical center "Expertise", it has a database of the registers of the Federal service and the sanitary-epidemiological service of Russia. To use it you need using queries. If you, for example, merchandise of a specific brand in the search bar on the website type + the brand name. On request you will be given the names and addresses of sales offices.
Carefully treat the choice of the supplier of the third category of intermediaries. As a rule, the quality of the goods they accept no liability and guarantee can not. The goods can be delivered without any accompanying documentation and warranty.
The choice of a provider also depends on the transport lever and terms of payment. It is clear that the closer the supplier, the less the cost of delivery. Note also that the smaller wholesale supplier company, the less it depends on the Bank, because the cost of maintaining the device small. Choose a small company with a good range and less likely that the Bank will send your money transferred for the goods, on wage arrears.