If you have never been to Turkey and only began to engage in this kind of business, you will be hard to navigate the range of products and prices. Try first to walk through the markets and shops in the hometown, will determine which Turkish products are in demand, what is their price category.
Find friends who are in this business for a long time and are well versed in the nuances of the wholesale procurement. You will receive at least the necessary information, and if you're lucky, you will even be able to get some addresses and names. Or even companions, that would be ideal. But it does not count, because competitors knowledge usually don't share.
Before travelling please call to the customs office (or look on the websites) and find out the rules of export of money and then the customs clearance of goods. Calculate, will not exceed a cost value of your goods.
If the information you want, pre-book your desired hotel in Istanbul (in the area where you plan to make purchases). So housing is cheaper. Your booking please print off and bring along. Usually traders do their job in one day. But if you seriously intend to "put down roots" in this business, it is better to learn and develop communication plan for three days.
The main area in Istanbul, where merchandised citizens from the CIS – Laleli, where there are several thousand shops selling clothes wholesale. In the Merter district is a lot of sports style and jerseys, Zeytin-Bourne – knit, t-shirts, shirts, Bayram Pasha, go for sweaters in Osmanbey for dresses. There are textile factories and in other places, but there are no wholesale markets. Please note that Laleli you can easier to navigate, as there is almost everywhere understand Russian language. In other areas only speak Turkish, and you have to look for the person who would have accompanied.
For the first purchase of goods make a detailed plan – how many and which things you want to buy (dresses, shirts, jeans, underwear, etc.). For each type of item select the budget.
Do not make purchases immediately. At first look, go around as many outlets, find out prices and availability. Then adjust your shopping plan.
In the same quarter look for the firm-Kargo, which can deliver the goods in your city. But this information can be obtained and at home, with friends and colleagues at your shop. If friends were not available, search for Kargo themselves. Again it is better to try them all, find out rates, conditions, terms of delivery and then make a choice. Take their business cards.
In stores bargain. When buying for cash, you can get good discounts. Ask for the certificates on the goods – well, if you manage to take them.
After the purchase of clothing in any store you will receive an invoice. Leave a business card of the company-cargo, in which the store will deliver the selected and paid for your goods. Don't forget to write on the card your name and surname. Follow the packing and shipping things. Check the dimensions so you are not slipped a drug. If you cooperate with these stores and then you will trust them.
After purchasing go to your carrier. There, your shipment will be weighed, and he will assign a code. To pay for its delivery will upon receipt, of the home, kilograms or cubic meters.
In the absence of the experience of traveling to Turkey and the presence of a small amount of money, it may make sense to start trading Turkish goods already delivered to Russia the major wholesalers. Big profits you will, but there will be no problems with customs clearance of the cargo and certificates. In addition, you will understand what range of products quickly sold out, and which subsequently is better not to take. Another option is to buy wholesale party clothes from catalogs via the Internet. But in this case there is a danger to unsaleable goods from last year's collections and not always the one that you ordered.