According to the Russian standards of the company are divided into small (up to 50 people involved in the activities of the enterprise), medium (up to 500 people), large (up to 1000) and very large (1,000 people engaged in activities, and more).
Large enterprises usually specializiruetsya in the production of goods in large quantities, which helps them in the fight against competitors. Medium-sized enterprises produce a narrower purpose and in its activities may use the most modern and unique technology. The smallest enterprises usually provide services and produce products for the introduction of any innovations.
Indicators of the value of the enterprise at the same time are criteria for measurement. It is possible to allocate a combined, qualitative and quantitative approaches to the definition of the scope of the company. The quantitative approach is to determine the annual turnover, number of employees and the computation of the carrying amount of assets and fixed assets.
A qualitative approach in determining the size of the enterprise implies the use of qualitative criteria. Takes into account system management, system performance monitoring, motivation of employees, etc. However, due to its complexity this approach is not often used to determine the magnitude of the company's activities.
As a rule, small companies committed to growth, which implies a quantitative change in the volume of operations of the company. However, expanding operations need to think about development, which is to improve the effectiveness of these activities. Without development will not work to organize the rapid growth of the enterprise.