What can go wrong when coloring at home? The most common problem with hair color – it does not correspond to the shade on the purchased box. Natural color, hair texture, graying hairs, the presence of old paint – all of these factors will make adjustments. For example, the light paint will never brighten more dark.

Even if you managed to obtain the desired shade, it is still too early to rejoice, because a few weeks of it will not be over. And all because after coloring is not used special shampoos and balms. They have a more acidic environment, their use is closing the scales of the hairs and the color lasts long.

If you want to dye your hair a few shades or to create a transition of colors, which is now at the peak of popularity, then without the help of a professional is not exactly necessary. Hairstyle, shimmering multi-color hues is not only a tribute to modern fashion. Coloring freshens the woman's face. In addition due to the variety of colors is possible to pick one that will visually improve the skin, making it young and beautiful.

High-quality coloring of the hair is the receipt of target colors with maximum preservation of their structure. This means that they must remain elastic, supple and shiny as they were before the procedure. That only by a skilled specialist.

Those who are not going to change his image drastically, it is better to entrust the painting of the professional hairdressers. In this case, a well-known motto "All for yourself!" would be a bad helper.