Advice 1: How to dye your hair professionally

Dye your hair professionally at home difficult. It requires certain skills, given the condition of the hair at the time of staining. In addition, gray hair require a different approach for the procedure than those previously painted or not painted never.
How to dye your hair professionally
Decide on the kind of staining. There are several different methods of procedure, which include Balaj, tinting, highlighting, coloring, hair coloring with pre lightening, bleaching, bleaching and colouring. Discoloration, unlike lightening, completely destroys the pigment of the hair. Tinting changes the color of fiber optics, this does not affect the internal structure. With bleached strands of dyeing and the dye involves a complete hair color change. Balazs involves a special technique of dyeing only the ends of the hair, the coloring is a method of staining strands in different colors.
Use hair dyes after 10 days of the Perm. Note that during this time, need some time to wash the head. Permanent paint can be used only in 2-3 weeks. It is not necessary to produce coloring during pregnancy, menstruation, poor health, stress.
Coloring the hair in shades of natural, we are given few details. First, the hair roots should be darker than the tips. The upper strands of paint on a lighter tone lower, important a smooth transition of tones.
Spend colouring in light shades with blunderbush means if you plan to make the most of white color. 1-2 tones lighten developers 6%, in 3-4 colors - 12%.
Do not spend staining, if you are sick with asthma, bronchitis, allergic. In the latter case, it is necessary to hold before dyeing test elbow. If within 12-24 hours, the skin turned red, began itching, so the paint was allergic.
Don't wash your hair before coloring, the skin is a layer of fat, softening the negative impact of the dye. Close the clothing on the skin at the hairline, apply the cream.
Mix all ingredients of the paint very carefully, especially if you combine different tones. Divide the hair in two perpendicular lines passing through the center of the head, apply paint to the middle, go to the side of the head. Here, the coloring process is slower. The exception is the bleaching process, when the paint first needs to be put on those areas that should be lighter than others, and at the end on the temples and forehead. In these places the hair is thin and coloring is very fast.
Paint the gray hairs taking into account the localization of modified hair, apply paint to the places where a lot of gray hair. If the shade of red, apply mixture, retreating 2 cm from the roots, they can put a cotton swab. If you are planning to dye the roots darker in tone, you can apply the same method. Then, the roots can be painted and leave the exposure time of the dye.
Apply dye to the roots, and after 10-15 minutes throughout. This will allow the paint evenly and align the color if necessary, staining the roots.
Useful advice
Follow the instructions. Follow the manufacturer's recommended time interval of exposure. Do not use extra warmth - it reduces the time of exposure, but in this case, the color will become more intense. Use a stabilizer to prolong the color on as long as possible.

Advice 2: How to paint professional paint

Girls love to change their appearance and surprise juicy new hair color. The staining is best left to professionals: they will select the brand and the colours for your hair type. However, to learn the art of hair color you can own.
How to paint professional paint
You will need
  • -paint;
  • an oxidizer;
  • -gloves;
  • non-metallic bowl;
  • -comb;
  • -brush for applying paint.
We all know that professional hair dye wins from their bulk counterparts as a coloring and protecting. After professional care your hair not only persistent intense color, but also soft and silky.
Decide on the firm that produces professional hair dye. If you are just beginning to use such dyes, it makes sense to experiment with brands of paint until you find your own. In any case, trust only well-known, recognized companies. Sometimes the same manufacturer makes a professional paint and conventional, sold in every store cosmetics and suitable for home use. Buy paint only in specialty hairdresser shops. Even if you make a mistake with the choice of a qualified seller will correct you and help you to decide on purchase.
Hair color choose palette offered by the firm. Carefully consider artificial hair, make sure that you are satisfied with the color, which shows the paint is not light. Be careful: the shade of paint will work if your hair had never been colored. If you changed your hair colour, the final colour result will vary on models.
Each touch of paint has its own name and numerical designation. If the color name is written rather for the client to help him to imagine the hair color, the digital designation helps the groomer to see if you paint.
On the tube of paint is written in three digits. The first is the basic tone of the hair, the next two is a shade that will acquire hair color nuance. The same tone may reflect the different shades. The marking of tones ranges from 1 to 10, with the lower the number, the darker the hair. That is a natural brunette has a tone of hair number 1 and blonde number 10, although such light hair are rare in nature. Professional colour palette, there is a section with natural colors. Applying the strip to the strands that define your tone.
Choose a nuance that will play on your hair. Denote each manufacturer may vary, but usually the last two digits select tones represent:

1 – ash grey

3 – gold, yellow

4 – copper, red

5 – red

7 – brown.
If the nuance of the two different figures, the color will play a different play or have secondary importance. If nuance marked with the same numbers, so shade will be very intense.
Dyes and oxidants in the professional cosmetics for hair sold separately. Oxidizing agents are 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%. The lighter the desired tone of the hair, the higher the percentage of oxidizer you need to choose. Note that the oxidizer harmful for the hair. The higher the percentage, the more affected the hair. Contact a professional for help in choosing the oxidant.
Each package of paint is written the proportions in which to mix the colorant and oxidant. Clearly following instructions in a non-metallic bowl mix the ingredients for dyeing. Use protective gloves.
Paint need to dry dirty hair. The exception will be when bleaching: the staining is conducted on clean hair.
Dispensing the hair into small strands, put them on foil, spray paint and wrap the foil so that the hair was inside. Definitely procrastinate roots. Strand by strand hair color, starting from the face and turning to the back of the head.
As a rule, professional paint is not flowing, so apply it without foil. Separate the hair into locks. First, dye your roots, then go to the ends of the hair.
If you color hair again, want to paint the regrown roots and to upgrade a little color, apply paint mainly on the roots. The tips of the hair are painted last.
After applying the paint wait 30 minutes and rinse well with her. The paint washed off without shampoo, running water until until the water is clear. Apply conditioning balm for a few minutes.
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