Generally, paint hair need for their growth. However, it is very much depends on the choice of coloring tools. Resistant hair dye, for example, keeps the color, and there is no need each time to fully color your hair. Just enough to paint the regrown roots. And to refresh the color every two months.
With the bleached hair it looks different. Paint them along the entire length preferably even less, as the paint clarifiers, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide or ammonia for a few more. Lightening a few shades itself thins and dries the hair and it is important not to overdo it. By the way, this also applies to highlighting. To keep the same radiant colour and Shine of the curls you can, with the help of special shampoos for blonde hair.
Paints that do not contain ammonia, you can use every month and a half. It was during this time, as a rule, the color washed off – these colors do not differ resistance. To use such coloring products can be used safely, as they do not harm hair.
But coloring shampoos, balms and tonics, contrary to the myth of their safety, it is possible to shade the hair once in two weeks. Their frequent use has a detrimental effect on curls. A negligible proportion of hydrogen peroxide that is contained in a painting means, gradually accumulate, destroys the structure of hair.
Everytime changing its image, it is important to remember that frequent chemical effects on the hair making them weak and brittle. So painted hair especially need careful care.