Do not paint resistant inks just bleached hair, this may exacerbate the level of damage. After this aggressive chemical exposure, as blonding, curls takes time (1-2 weeks) to restore its structure and protective functions. After bleaching hair should intensely moisturize and nourish different masks.
If you wait 2 weeks before re-dyeing is not your power, use a mild shampoo and paint, natural light shade. The discoloration can be hidden by selecting the soft Golden tones of the dye: wheat, honey, walnut. If you want to achieve platinum shades, then apply on hair for 3-5 minutes) purple toning shampoo. Purple pigments neutralize yellowing. The main thing is not to overdo the product on the hair to get the purple curls.
If you wish to recolor bleached hair into a darker shade, start with Rus. Bleached hair empty inside as the natural color pigment from it were etched in the process of bleaching. Therefore, dark shades of permanent hair color will not stay long on the hair. Besides when painting a dark color can develop stains and irregularities that require re-application of paint.
Do not choose for coloring blonde hair bright and saturated colors: black, red, copper. They lie on the damaged hair extremely poorly and unevenly. The result of coloring the colors can be unpredictable. Turning to dark color, prefer natural shades.
If you are going to recolor bleached hair to a colour close to your natural, choose a paint shade lighter natural hair color, so they don't get too dark. Be prepared for the fact that the paint will quickly wash off with hair. To secure the artificial color pigments of paint in the structure of lightened hair, it will require 3-4 staining after a certain period of time.
Ask for help to the Barber. Only a specialist can find the right professional paint and the desired percentage of oxidizer to it that will not injure the already damaged hair.Bleached hair is hard to dye evenly to the desired color the first time, so it's best not to experiment with your appearance at home.