Apply light hairam a beautiful shade, rinsing them with a decoction of chamomile, turmeric, cinnamon and hops. Toniruja dark blonde or red hairs with the help of ingredients such as walnut extract, cypress, sandalwood and shells of hazelnut.
Prepare dye from onion peel, which contains quercetin to dye hairin red-orange tones. Pour 50 grams of husk a glass of water. Boil the mixture on the heat for 20 minutes. Allow it to infuse, and then strain. For thick paint, you can add flour or starch. Apply evenly on the hairs, cover them with plastic wrap. Wrap head with a towel. After 1-2 hours rinse the paint with warm water. Bright hairs after the procedure will turn bright red and the dark will acquire a Golden-brown hue. In addition, the paint will make the hairs more robust and accelerate their growth. To give hairam light tint rinse their decoction of onion peel.
Use henna or Basma – natural dye. To get a darker shade in henna add 3-4 drops of iodine or brew it strong tea or coffee. Adding walnut infusion, you will give hairam a beautiful chocolate shade. If your hairs hard and the paint falls on them is bad, add in henna, the juice of half a lemon. The mass is better kept hairOh, add a teaspoon of honey. For more intense color, apply paint on clean hair, you rinse with plain water. Wash your head with shampoo after 4 days after painting.
To give hairam a light shade, use unstable foams or gels, are easily washed off with water. Toners and soft colors, contains less oxidizer, put hairam much less harmthan conventional paint, and wash off 10-20 times.
Make the illumination using the services of the salon. This procedure is a non-persistent staining, causing hairam the least harm. During the illuminations you can find not only the basic color of the hair, but the color of the tint.