Advice 1: Is it true that hair dye causes cancer

This issue still remains controversial. Scientists claim: long-lasting hair dyes can provoke the development of cancer. Cosmetic companies I completely disagree with this, but says nothing about the presence of such dyes carcinogenic ingredients...
Many women are too often change the color of their hair, not knowing what risks they are taking...

Long-term effects

Producing inks for hair claim that their products undergo strict control and is therefore totally harmless. But one thing – advertising assurances, however the scientific facts.

Agree, potential threat carries any "chemistry". And dyes for the hair is no exception, as their ingredients do in the skin and into the blood.

Which of these ingredients is the key? You should not attach a special importance to the harm of coal tar, which may cause allergic reactions. Ammonia is also calling allergies – there is a paint without ammonia. Hydrogen peroxide, thanks to which the hair thins, becomes dry, brittle.

But what about phenylendiamine, lead acetate, resorcinol, parabens? It's the carcinogens. Acting individually and combines with many other substances, they become aggressive agents during the invasion of living cells, this raises the risk of degeneration into malignant. But manufacturers about the presence of carcinogens in their products silent.

The verdict of the American scholars is harsh: if you use powerful dyes hair regularly and for a long time may develop bladder cancer. And these drugs according to risk researchers tied for second place behind the leader – tobacco use.

In the list of late effects and cancer of the mammary glands, and tumors of the lymph nodes and blood cancer.

Manufacturers strongly disagree with the scientists, arguing that they greatly exaggerate the harm of cosmetic colorants. The dispute continues unabated today. But judge for yourself: in Europe officially banned 22 brands of such products...

The main types of paints

Resistant paint. Quickly transform dark hair to light and Vice versa. Well paint over the gray. Therefore, they are the most popular and... most harmful. Particularly harmful drugs to repaint the hair in the black range.

Because they usually have ammonia, resorcinol, and diaminobenzene, and metalcolour, the application of stable colors in a couple of decades could trigger a tumor of the bone marrow or lymph nodes. These are the findings of the National cancer Institute of the United States.

According to Professor T. Zenga, the processing of hair colors with powerful oxidizing agents of the type of hydrogen peroxide can even occur with carcinogens that are not within these colors.

As Professor David Lewis cites the following statistics: of those who annually uses more of them than nine times the risk of cancer of the blood above 60%.

There is even a theory that cancer of the lymph nodes from fashion Queen Jacqueline Kennedy was provoked ingredients resistant paint which she enjoyed her entire life...

Semi-permanent paint. They are much softer as it has a superficial effect on the hair. Good paint over the gray. But to significantly change the color of can't – too little hydrogen peroxide.

They have no ammonia. But plenty of its toxic derivatives, such as ethanolamine. So at least semi-permanent dye and do not get any cancer, they cannot be considered completely safe.

Organic paint. Made from raw materials of plant origin and therefore are accompanied by a note: "Organic". Good for toning of hair, but the gray paint efficiently enough.

They even have medicinal properties. But they can hardly be called absolutely safe. Because organic dyes also add or hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia, or ammonium salts.

So is there absolutely harmless drugs? Yes, it is henna and Basma. In the henna intended for hair repaint in very dark shades, no PPD, no toxic salts of lead, Nickel, bismuth, cobalt.

Tips dermatologists

– do not paint your hair every month;
– don't change often, drugs of various types and manufacturers;
– avoid extremes, turning it into a blonde, a brunette, from the hair suffer much stronger;
– do not paint them at the slightest inflammation or injury to the scalp;
– before painting pre-do an Allergy test on the wrist. If the skin after 15-20 minutes blush, look for other, more gentle drug.

Advice 2: Which hair dye is the safest

Beautiful hair juicy hue with no signs of gray hairs a few decades ago was only a dream of many women. Today it's everyday reality is only to reach the counter hair dyes. But chemical dyes, as a rule, harm the hair.
Which hair dye is the safest
Manufacturers are struggling to improve the quality of the product and to produce the highest safe hair dye with the least harmful properties. Today, on many packages you can see the inscription – "sparing effect", "paint without ammonia", "nourishing shampoo, intensive care, etc. On how actually all these products protect the hair without checks empirically hard to say. All individually. Nevertheless, to understand the varieties of dyes is definitely.

Resistant hair dye

Paint is divided into three main types: long-lasting, semi-permanent and coloring. Resistant – this paint with ammonia or alkali (rarely), and hydrogen peroxide. This type quickly and efficiently stain the hair, but is accompanied by a sharp unpleasant smell, and causes burning of the skin, for a long time does not restore the natural color of hair. On the structure of the hair the paint is harmful – the hair scales stand on end, and is passed into the dye. The structure of the hair varies. Curls become tight and this can be fixed partially with the help of special balms. And the new color is rapidly fading. Especially bad for the hair blunderous shades. Today, these dyes are added skin nutrients. But the point of impact does not change.

Coloring dyes

Hair dyes harm your hair minimally. But they have low durability, and the paint is completely washed off from the hair in about a month. With these colors you can't paint over a gray hair, you can only give your hair the desired shade and make the native colour more intense and interesting.

Semi-permanent hair dye

The most popular in recent years have become semi-permanent or semi-permanent dyes. They are also called contact lenses. The basis - hydrogen peroxide. They are able to lighten your hair 2-3 shades, go evenly from the hair without creating clear boundaries of painting. Empirically it is noticed that with regular use of such dyes increases their resistance, as it is layering and gradual deep penetration into the hair structure.

For the first time using this paint, you must know that it gives a darker shade than stated. It is more gentle on the hair and cause much less allergic reactions. But to consider it completely safe and harmless is not necessary, because it contains peroxide or other oxidizing agents. Today this type of paint manufacturers are trying to defuse it with a helpful supplements: vitamins and oils.

Advice 3: How to recognize throat cancer

Cancer of the throat is one of the most common diseases in the world. The tumor may form in the throat, at the root of the tongue, tonsils or in the throat that causes difficulty while chewing, swallowing, and other discomfort. To identify the disease at an early stage of development is difficult, it is easily confused with angina, pharyngitis, so at the first symptoms in the oral cavity it is necessary to consult a specialist.
How to recognize throat cancer
Listen to your feelings in the throat. You can feel the pain, lump in the region of the larynx. These symptoms persist for a long time, regardless of whether you take medication or not.
Pay attention to the duration of cough. It usually occurs for many reasons, among which the response of the organism to stimuli of the throat, for example, cancer cells. Therefore, if this symptom does not go a long time, consult your doctor for more thorough diagnostics. The specialist will take samples of mucus, appoint tests, surveys on the devices, will conduct a study for tumor markers (proteins that are produced by cells of malignant tumors).
Take tests in the morning on an empty stomach. Blood for tumor markers taken from the veins, at the same time can be tested on hormones. Well have an ultrasound, urine test.
Spit in the sink. The presence of blood in saliva in combination with chronic cough, in particular, testifies to the withering away of the tissues in the throat.
You can feel pain or other unpleasant sensations in the throat when swallowing. This can occur both during meals and outside of this process.
Can feel shortness of breath or hoarseness. These symptoms have long-term character and does not pass with time. Thus, it becomes difficult to talk, to laugh.
Check to see if there were any recent sudden weight loss. Because of unpleasant sensations in the throat, decreased appetite. Body weight may decline as a result of inflammatory process in the body. Losing weight without apparent cause should be incentive to appeal to the specialist.
Watch for changes in your body. We should not ignore even the cold, immediately contact your doctor who will conduct a complete inspection and will help to establish the correct diagnosis.
For cancer of the throat pain, difficulties during swallowing, coughing, blood in mucus do not pass more than a month, these symptoms have a static character does not change after the use of medicines.
Useful advice
Screened regularly, take tests, please contact a medical institution upon the slightest suspicion of changes in your own body.

Advice 4: As a first step to male

Traditionally, the first step to an acquaintance or beginning of a relationship men do, but they are hardly interested in the woman, which is not located to communication and flirting. In addition, males are just scared of a beautiful girl for fear of rejection. Then you have to take the initiative in their hands.
As a first step to male
Before proceeding into action, you need to be assertive. To not worry about how to look at your silhouette from the side, take care of appearance in advance. Visit the gym, hair done, in General, give your body a well-groomed appearance. As for clothes, she should not be calling, but rather a little exciting and flattering your figure.
To attract the attention of any men, use main weapon – look and smile. The look can be quick, but accurate, or long-lasting, which would look spectacular with Flirty tilting strands of hair. Smile should be natural and easy.
If he was paying attention to you, go to the trick, for example, asking him to help. The situation may be different – to help fill the document, choose a book in the store or just to find the way. Self-respecting man will respond to the request. Maybe he still will thank you for it, because at the same time puzzled, hoping to speak with you.
If you meet the same person several times and felt him burning interest, to take the first step, perhaps, will be even easier. At each meeting, greet him with a smile, a nod of the head or the traditional "good day". Depending on where you most often see each other, identify your common interests: a love of music, literature, sporting events or theatrical productions. Example the first sentence might be: "hi, great show, isn't it? And as you previous one?..."
In your environment there is a man with whom you are talking for a long time, but the relationship is "stuck" at the stage of friendship? Tell him about your feelings, but unobtrusive. For example, the next time you tell a joke, tell him "I like You", but as if you said, "you Have a beautiful tie." Anyway, he will remember these words and will probably look at you with different eyes.

Advice 5: How to remove hair in the bikini area

Ways to remove unwanted vegetation in the area of bikini a lot. You can't select the best of them all fit different. But if you have never removed hair a little experiment. Through trial and error you will be able to choose the best option suitable for you.
How to remove hair in the bikini area
Refer to the beautician, if you have the money and time. Photoepilation – the most common and effective way to remove unwanted hair. After a series of treatments, the vegetation will start to fall. So the amount of light destroys the hair follicles, they should not reappear even after a long period of time.
Contact a appliance if the epilation you are contraindicated for any reason (diseases of the skin, internal organs, cancer, etc.). As regrowth remove vegetation in the area bikini. If places remained single hairs, visivite them with tweezers.
Buy a hair removal cream. If you often appear irritation and redness, stop your choice on a tool that is designed for sensitive skin. Read the instructions for use. Apply the cream to the problem area and leave on for 5-7 minutes. Remove the all of the tools a shovel, or rinse off under running water. Procedure is carried out every 1-2 weeks. Over time you will notice that the hair began to slowly grow.
Remove hair on the line bikini machine only in extreme cases. If a few times forshavingXia, the vegetation will only begin to grow faster and become more hard. To avoid ingrown hairs in the skin that often occurs after using the machine, apply the body scrub. Re-vegetation of the "delight" you with their appearance after a couple of days, so you have to repeat the procedure.
If after the hair removal at home you have severe redness or burning, go to the salon. You will make an intimate haircut, which will persist up to several weeks. At the same time will delight and loved by such beauty.
Do not attempt to remove vegetation in the bikini area folk remedies – it will not help to achieve this. The structure of the hair in this place is somewhat different than, for example, on the feet or on the hands.

Advice 6: How to diagnose breast cancer

Cancer breast cancer according to data provided by the world Health Organization, is the leading cancer among women. It is often diagnosed at late stages when treatment becomes ineffective. To detect this terrible disease early in its development, it is necessary to do regular self-examination and the appearance of the slightest suspicion, immediately contact mammologu.
How to diagnose breast cancer
You will need
  • - samotyochnaya;
  • mirror;
  • - Breast ultrasound;
  • - mammography;
  • consultation with a mammologist.
Do a breast exam every month, preferably on the same day. Women who have not had menopause, should choose any of the seven days after menstruation. If menopause occurred, that is selected for survey.
Start with inspection of the skin of the chest, standing in front of a mirror. First, stand with hands down, then raise them. Pay attention to features such as: bulging or, conversely, retraction of the skin; change in the contours of the areola of the nipple, its retraction; the appearance of scabs on the skin around the nipples, peeling; changing the size and shape of one breast; nipple discharge.
Put your left hand in your right armpit. Then raise your right hand and start slowly to lower it. Try to find the axillary lymph nodes with the fingertips of his left hand. Repeat this same action on the left side.
Palpate region, located above and below the clavicles (there are supra-and infraclavicular lymph nodes). In them there is an outflow of lymph, originating from the mammary glands. When the cancer disease malignant cells together with the lymph into the lymph nodes, causing their enlargement.
To determine the presence of precipitates, gently pinch your fingers between the nipple areola.
Lie on your back. Under the right shoulder blade put a small pillow. Right arm lay behind his head. The palm of the left hand touch the right breast, seizing it with the fingers or palm, but only pressed against the skin of the breast. From the nipple move up and outward, then outward and downward. After examining the outer part, go to the internal: in the same way, from the nipple downwards and upwards.
Right hand pull to the side and again touch the breast approximately in the same order. Next, pull the arm along the trunk, repeat the examination. Proceed to the left breast.
At the age of 40 every two years to do a breast ultrasound. After 40 years, every year going through a mammogram. This method can diagnose tumors based on the contrast image of the ducts of the breast.
If you suffer from mastopathy, that is in your Breasts are benign neoplasms, pass the examination by a mammologist for every six months.

Advice 7: How to treat a sore lymph node on the neck

Lymph nodes act as filters preventing the microbial body. Several large clusters of lymph nodes are in the neck. Inflammation can be caused by diseases of the respiratory system and head, as well as system-wide disease.
How to treat a sore lymph node on the neck
The treatment of inflammation simpaticski nodes in the neck starts with a diagnosis. Contact your physician or pediatrician (if the child got sick). Tell us when there was an increase in nodes which ailments accompany it, was there any contact with infectious patients. By palpation, the technician will install the node state: how it is flexible, movable, is painful. The greatest fear should cause dense inactive the lymph nodes, characteristic of hematological malignancies or cancer. That's why any self-treatment, especially heating, can only aggravate the disease.
Cause inflammation of the submandibular and cervical nodes, especially in children, can be a viral disease such as measles, rubella, infectious mononucleosis, lymphocytosis. Another possible cause of inflammatory processes ENT organs and oral cavity. If the process of increasing cervical nodes is accompanied by prolonged fever, weight loss, night sweating, then it may be a sign of tuberculosis, cancer.
If the inflammation occurs on the background of SARS, all therapeutic activities are assigned in order to eliminate the source of the disease. Patient appointed immunomodulatory drugs, receiving infusions of Echinacea. In acute course of the disease antibiotics the macrolides. Inflammation in the lymph nodes should go by itself. Receiving homeopathic remedies such as "Lymphomyosot"may accompany, but not replace drug therapy. In some cases the source of infection may be the mouth. Treatment to the dentist for her rehabilitation may be enough that the inflammation has passed.
If the reason for the increase in cervical and submandibular lymph nodes are unable to install within 3 weeks, the patient is assigned a diagnostic biopsy of the node. The histological findings are considered holistically, considering the entire clinical picture of the disease and data from other tests. How promptly and fully investigated inflammation depends on a favourable prognosis of the disease and adequacy of treatment.
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