How does a female condom?

Fandom is a small pouch with a length of 17 cm At the ends of 2 rings: inner diameter is small, the appearance is quite considerable. Before sex the condom inserted into the woman's body, and in the process no liquids do not get inside the body. The outer ring is on the outside, and even protects the external genitals from infections.

The insert ring is not very simple: the inner ring must be compressed with your fingers, carefully enter the inside, and then advance as far as possible. It requires some skill, but after 3-5 attempts will be obtained without any problems.

Insert a condom in advance. Of course, you can make use of and a part of the foreplay, but is it acceptable to enter him for some time, then to not be distracted. You do not need the excitation, as with male condoms, and there is no need immediately after ejaculation to get him out.

Created a female condom made of polyurethane. This is a very delicate material, it is much stronger than latex. In the process of applying is completely invisible to both parties of intimate caresses.

The pros and cons of female condoms

  • Buy female condoms will not work in every pharmacy. They are produced in the world only 3 companies, respectively, you can find them in Russia only in sex shops or in online stores of the manufacturer. The cost is very significant, at times superior to male counterparts.
  • Apply a condom for women is possible only once. And they can not throw the toilet, there is a likelihood that the product stuck in the sewers.
  • Today, all female condoms have the same form, color and size. No flavorings, glowing effects, or additional antennae to stimulation does not exist. Although this is possible in the future.
  • Apply fandom during menstruation. And it does not cause allergies or irritation. The material is perfect for dipping inside, completely safe.
  • Introduce a condom for women in the body to sex. This can be done even in early Dating, and he will not interfere.
  • At the same time to use male and female condoms is prohibited. As a result of fall can both products that will increase the chance of infection or conception.
  • The female condom protects 99% against pregnancy. It does not cause hormonal fluctuations, such as tablets, suitable for nulliparous, in contrast to the spiral.

Which method of contraception to use — each woman decides for itself. But in Europe, women's protection option is gaining popularity. Worth a try the female condom, because the feedback is often positive.