The quality of the condom is determined primarily comfort. The best way to choose a condom is of course experiments with different kinds of contraceptive.

Not necessarily the most convenient would be the thinnest condom, although many are inclined to this opinion from the fact that thin condoms tenuous for both partners. For a long time the producers were going on about this opinion and reduced the density of condoms to the extent possible (to continue to perform its intended function). But recently they changed the approach. Condoms have become more tangible and at the expense of additional stimulation, the pleasure of sexual intercourse doubled.

Often comfort depends on the width, not the length of the condom. Most of the men mentioning penis size, I mean length. But the issue of condoms is of great importance and width. Condoms often bring inconvenience to the men, where the width of the penis is wider than standard. Therefore, some manufacturers are wider condoms, and some width is increased only in the region of the head.

But it happens, and so the problem lies in the length, as most condoms in a length of about 19 cm, which is much longer than the average penis. Also some representatives of the stronger sex need condoms longer than the standard. Condoms "large" size, usually wider and longer than "standard". Using a condom that is bigger than you need, you may experience discomfort due to the fact that the ring is too tight because it left a large part of the condom.

To experiment with the condoms have not only different forms but also different companies in order to choose a condom that suits you and your partner. All manufacturers differ to some degree, the types of latex that affect the sensations during sexual intercourse. Different brands from the same manufacturer vary in size and some additional details. But if you don't like or discomfort the material, use condoms from other manufacturers.

Another problem with the use of a condom can be a skin reaction. This may be allergic to latex or to the lubricant. If you are inclined to the first option, select lateksnyj a condom. If it's grease, you will have to abandon condoms with lubricant. And not to feel discomfort, to pick up lubricant on their own.

Most companies produce condoms lotions to increase pleasure. Spiral, ribbed, dot structure, adding flavors, etc. may seem trivial. But even the simplest "trick" in this intimate subject can give a new experience.