Advice 1: How to choose a condom

The quality of the condom for men is determined by convenience and durability. For women, the condom should not cause discomfort and as well as for men needs to be reliable.

The quality of the condom is determined primarily comfort. The best way to choose a condom is of course experiments with different kinds of contraceptive.

Not necessarily the most convenient would be the thinnest condom, although many are inclined to this opinion from the fact that thin condoms tenuous for both partners. For a long time the producers were going on about this opinion and reduced the density of condoms to the extent possible (to continue to perform its intended function). But recently they changed the approach. Condoms have become more tangible and at the expense of additional stimulation, the pleasure of sexual intercourse doubled.

Often comfort depends on the width, not the length of the condom. Most of the men mentioning penis size, I mean length. But the issue of condoms is of great importance and width. Condoms often bring inconvenience to the men, where the width of the penis is wider than standard. Therefore, some manufacturers are wider condoms, and some width is increased only in the region of the head.

But it happens, and so the problem lies in the length, as most condoms in a length of about 19 cm, which is much longer than the average penis. Also some representatives of the stronger sex need condoms longer than the standard. Condoms "large" size, usually wider and longer than "standard". Using a condom that is bigger than you need, you may experience discomfort due to the fact that the ring is too tight because it left a large part of the condom.

To experiment with the condoms have not only different forms but also different companies in order to choose a condom that suits you and your partner. All manufacturers differ to some degree, the types of latex that affect the sensations during sexual intercourse. Different brands from the same manufacturer vary in size and some additional details. But if you don't like or discomfort the material, use condoms from other manufacturers.

Another problem with the use of a condom can be a skin reaction. This may be allergic to latex or to the lubricant. If you are inclined to the first option, select lateksnyj a condom. If it's grease, you will have to abandon condoms with lubricant. And not to feel discomfort, to pick up lubricant on their own.

Most companies produce condoms lotions to increase pleasure. Spiral, ribbed, dot structure, adding flavors, etc. may seem trivial. But even the simplest "trick" in this intimate subject can give a new experience.

Advice 2: How to choose a good condom

To experience new sensations and experiment with different types of condoms – not such a bad idea. Who knows, maybe you will discover new, previously unknown facets of pleasure. But how to choose?
How to choose a good condom


The most common to date, condoms are made of latex. But many may be interested to know that this material is not the only one. One of the latest achievements of the chemical industry in the field of contraception for men has become the material Microsheer better known as a medical polyurethane. Condoms from it do not cause allergic reactions, latex is much stronger and have higher conductivity, which increases the realism of sensations in the application. Another advantage is the lack of taste and smell. The lack of condoms from such a beautiful material, only one – high price.

Alternatively, the polyurethane can be considered another modern material for the manufacture of condom, Tactylon. Manufacturers also promise his full hair and large, in comparison with latex, strength. The material is well stretched, which reduces the likelihood of breakage or slippage. But the cost of such a condom will also be expensive.


Of course, the correct choice of the size of the product will depend on the success of its application. After all, no matter how super-tough and modern was not a condom, if it gets you to push and RUB, or off, the joy of sex you will experience much less than I would like. For this reason, the choice of size should also be approached with great care. It should be noted that the choice of dimensions in this category of goods is not particularly great. For example, foreign production standards suggests that the length should not be less than 170 mm, a width of 44 to 56 mm (which is half of the circumference of the condom). But Russian standard seems to be designed for larger men: length 178 +/- 2 mm, width– 54 +/- 2mm most Often in Russia there are products with a width of 52 mm.

By the way, the thickness of condoms is also an important parameter of their quality. Standard latex, for example, have a thickness of 0.06 mm, special thin – 0.05 mm, but the thickness of polyurethane rubber products only 0.02 mm. That is, the thrill will be the maximum possible.

Individual characteristics

It should be noted that the universal good of the condom is not and can not be. Each couple is individual and chooses what suits her. To enhance the experience, you can choose condoms with a larger or smaller quantity of lubricant, stimulating rings, or bumps, and tight.

Advice 3: How to use a condom

Sex, without exaggeration, is one of the main components of many people's lives. Largely it depends on the quality of life of a person. In this regard, actual use of contraceptives, among them time-tested condoms.
Condoms must be used wisely and responsibly!
Regardless of whether to trust the men and women condoms, yet it is a rubber product number 2 is the most guaranteed method of protection from unwanted pregnancy and different sexually transmitted diseases. But the condom really lived up to its expectations, it is necessary to know how to use it. After all, if you neglect the basic rules of use "gum", it is possible to be trapped.

How to choose the right condom?

When buying rubber, male contraceptives should pay attention to the individual package. It should be opaque. The fact that merciless exposure to sunlight in transparent packaging destroys the protective property of the latex made from a condom.

In addition you should give your preference to the products in square packages. This will keep the condom in its natural ring shape. Condoms in the oval packages are subject to an additional unnecessary tension and tension of the latex.
Besides male condoms, there are female. Apparently they are a polyurethane tube with a closed end that is inserted into the vagina and can stay there for up to 8 hours before sex.

Before buying rubber goods you should check the tightness of its packaging. This can be done by squeezing it with two fingers. If it feels the elasticity of the air, the package is sealed. This means the fact that the condom is not subjected to any external influences affecting its quality.

How to use a condom?

You should not use cheap and therefore, poor quality condoms. These products significantly increase the risk of unplanned pregnancy and the occurrence of infectious diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse. The same can be said about expired condoms. We can not use such products!

Rubber products №2 is very sensitive. In this regard, you cannot use the same condom multiple times.

Every time you open the packaging you only need hands! It is impossible to do with scissors, tooth and nail! Otherwise you can damage the product.

After opening the package, you need to determine what direction the product takes place. For this it is necessary to begin to expand in any direction. If all goes well – the direction is right. If not, you need to deploy in the opposite direction.

Before you place the product on the penis, you need two fingers to gently hold a special tank for sperm located at the tip of the condom. This will prevent air from entering into the area of the tank. If this is not done, the risk of rupture "rubbers" during sex will increase significantly.
If the condom is still broken, the woman is an urgent need to take measures to emergency contraception. For example, you can take the contraceptive morning-after pill", Pasting".

Put "gum" only need a strong, fully erect penis. When you do this, roll the condom to the end, i.e. to the pubis. The fact that the penis must be completely isolated from direct sexual interaction with a vagina. Otherwise, increases the risk of infection. If "gum" a short, replace it!

If sexual intercourse takes place "dry", it is possible to use special lubricants. You can't use vaseline, hand lotion, baby cream, oil and all that in its composition contains oil or oil. Otherwise, the condom may tear.

After intercourse the condom should keep the hands at the base of the penis. This will avoid leakage of his sperm. After use, the product should be thrown in the trash.

Advice 4: How not to get pregnant if the condom broke

During sexual intercourse may accidentally tear the condom. To prevent an unwanted pregnancy, a woman should perform a number of safety measures. Here the main thing – to hurry up.
How not to get pregnant if the condom broke
You will need
  • - soapy water;
  • - acidic solution;
  • - oral contraceptives.
Adopt upright position. Way to try to avoid getting the sperm in the fallopian tube. Sperm under the action of gravity flows from the vagina, without meeting with the egg. But we should not rely solely on this method should be performed and other operations.
Wash with soap vulva. Effective these actions will be approximately the first ten minutes immediately after sexual intercourse. The semen during this time had not yet started moving toward the egg until it thickens vaginal secretions. The use of soap will help stop the process – so the sperm neytralizuya.
Execute douching. The first two methods if you for some reason do not have time to use it to prevent pregnancy, you should perform another operation. As soon as possible after intercourse, it is necessary to create the sperm environment in which fertilization is impossible. To do this, change the acid-base balance, i.e. pH, of the mucous membrane of the vagina. Prepare a special solution – the dining Lodge lemon juice, vinegar half a litre of warm water. With this solution, do the douching, that is, the "washout" of the genitals. Acidic environment significantly decreases sperm motility. Before you apply the solution, be sure to try it out. It needs to be with a slightly sour taste, if the flavor frankly sour, to use a solution is impossible – so easy to burn the vaginal mucosa.
Use post-coital contraceptives. They are effective during unprotected intercourse, it is convenient to use, if suddenly will break the condom. Consult your gynecologist to determine which of these tools suits you best, and always keep a small reserve in case of unforeseen sex without using contraception.
Gynecologists does not recommend douching women who have disorders in the cardiovascular system. Also get involved in such procedures at the wrong metabolism.

Applying the so-called drugs to prevent conception emergency actions, you have to be careful. The application of such remedies capable of inflicting a serious blow on the female body. The preparations contains a lot of hormones, hit them in the body can lead to hormonal failure and increases the risk of infertility. Women are advised to carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons" before taking similar means.
Useful advice
Try to use condoms with a special spermicidal lubricant. With them the probability of unintended pregnancy decreases several times, because the action of spermicides sperm die. But completely they do not disappear, so do not rely solely on the action of only one lubricant case of a damaged condom is better to implement safety measures.
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