Advice 1: Why condoms are sometimes called scumbags

Now, from the lips of young people increasingly are swear and curse words. Among them – "douchebag". The majority of people operate this word, are not even aware of its origin, or rather the modification.
The condom is a popular means of male contraception

Why do we need condoms?

The condom is a popular means of male contraception that protect against those or other diseases transmitted from person to person through sexual contact. Externally there is a kind of cover, which prevents the sperm get into the vagina. Today the basis of most condoms is natural latex. Simply put, today's rubber products №2 is a natural rubber of a special kind, not bringing any harm to the human body.
The Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud was a staunch opponent of any means precluding unplanned pregnancy. Especially sharply it was opposed to condoms because they believed that they significantly reduce the orgasm.

What is a condom?

It's all the same a condom. A synonym for "douchebag" used to rubber product №2, is a colloquial word with a hint of a negative character. This word can be heard quite often in the lexicon of modern humans. In most cases it is used lumpen elements of society: bullies, street punks, prisoners, alcoholics. At times like this the alternative name of the condom you can hear from quite educated and successful people. Curiously, many of them are not even aware of its origin. The result is something like: "Hear the bell, but don't know where he is."

Why the condom was a condom?

The fact that the inventor of this useful rubber products is officially Charles Condom. This is the English doctor who invented the first condom in the beginning of XVI century. It is curious that he did it at the request of the then king of England Henry VIII Tudor. This invention was made from sheep gut. It is the name of the personal doctor of king Henry VIII and became a household name condom in the English language – condom. Russian variant of the name – a condom or a product №2.
The founder of the Tudor dynasty Henry VIII is known as a ladies ' man, actively using women. His wretched temper brought him dubious fame. The king used women changing them like gloves.

After some time the word "condom" was distorted to the brane "douchebag". In other words, there is a new vernacular – a variant of its name. Time passed, and in speech the use of the same lumpen elements of society rude name condom generally acquired multi-valued shade. Simply put, the "scumbags" began to call not only the means of male contraception, but unwanted people.

Advice 2: Why do you need condoms

The condom is one of the most effective and common methods of contraception. These products are convenient and easy to use, and no other remedy does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
Why do you need condoms
Condom (from lat. praeservo – "protect") is a contraceptive barrier type, creating a mechanical barrier to sperm entering the woman's vagina. Condoms are male and female. In the first case is the case (frequently made of latex) that is worn on the erect penis, the second is introduced into the vagina tube made of polyurethane or other elastic material with rigid rings at the ends.
Condoms for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and others, and also to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This is an inexpensive and accessible tool. Female condoms are less common and are more expensive than men's, but they have their advantages. So, their use is not dependent on male erection, they can be left in the vagina for up to 10 hours (male condoms immediately after a single intercourse, remove and discard) and apply if you are allergic to latex.
Condoms allow both sexual partners to participate in family planning. In addition, they can be used in cases of allergies women cum. To use these products no specific contraindications, except for the inability to maintain an erection or allergies of one of the partners on the material of the contraceptive.
The disadvantages of condom use should include the possible reduction of sensitivity during sexual intercourse. The least visible and tangible fine jewelry, but they have less strength. But condoms can also serve as a source of additional sensations with bumps, ribbed surface rozhkam, unicam and other "bells and whistles".
Before using a condom need to check its date of manufacture and shelf life, and package integrity. Products with expired shelf life may lose its properties and does not provide adequate protection, and condoms in damaged packaging may be torn.
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