The truth about the condom

Known cases of women who used condoms as protection during sexual contact, suddenly found that they are pregnant. Experts say that absolute protection from pregnancy, a condom can not give even when they use it properly. This is due to the fact that condoms are not dimensionless, but because of the strong friction and stretching them having a slight thinning of the strips, through which sperm can enter the vagina.

Also, the condom may tear due to lack of natural lubrication or improper use.

Most often, condoms do not protect from pregnancy as a result of a number of errors in their use. Item No. 2 cannot be stored in pockets and purses because it creates a warm and humid atmosphere, spoil the condom. Packing with a condom you can't open with teeth or other sharp objects that may damage the latex. It is not recommended to purchase these contraceptives with expired. You can't wear a condom during sex or at its end: in preseminal liquid, which allocates Horny man can be a sperm.

How not to get pregnant with a condom

Not to get pregnant when using a condom, it is recommended to wear only one condom, but in any case not two – it does not increase the level of protection, and will create friction, threat to the integrity of the material. A man should not remain in the condom after intercourse, since the cock after ejaculation is reduced and sperm may leak out of the condom into the vagina.

If you use a condom do not use lubricants, which include oil and grease: they adversely affect the strength of latex.

So that the condom did not fail at the crucial moment, you need to purchase contraception exclusively in pharmacies, carefully checking its expiry date specified on packing. Vacuum packaging products No. 2 should not be damaged. If the partners feel that the condom broke, the member must be immediately removed from the vagina and put on a new protection. The same goes for anal sex with different types of sexual contacts condoms needs to change. To minimize the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, can be used together with a condom lubricant that contains a spermicidal substance.