The condom as a means of protection on the ultrasound

Transvaginal ultrasonography of the female genital organs, and transrectal examination of the intestine involves the introduction of a special sensor in the investigated area. To facilitate this procedure and protect the patient from pathogens that might remain on the device after the examination, previous patient, has invented a special condom.
The use of a special condom delivered gynecologists-wistow from disinfection of the probe after examination of each patient.

If you compare it with the usual condom, designed for intercourse, it is possible to find some differences. A condom for ultrasound made of thinner rubber, and the size and form coincide exactly with the sensor and a special cavity for collecting the seed is missing.

Some women scare this approach to the study and they have a question, is it possible to refuse a transvaginal ultrasound. The fact that this technique provides the specialist the opportunity to see the studied organs from the inside and to accurately assess their condition. In the result of any pathological process occurring even at the earliest stages will be timely identified. And for conventional transabdominal ultrasound examination of some anatomical regions may be unavailable.
To conduct transabdominal ultrasound don't need a condom – the technician moves the transducer over the desired portion of the body, pre-treated with a special gel.

Especially the condom, is intended for ultrasound

What you need a condom for research, must tell the doctor. Of course, you can bring the usual, but it is better to purchase a special because it has much more advantages:
- does not cause allergic reactions;
- does not need lubrication;
- snugly fits the sensor due to the absence of a filler;
- does not distort the image due to the perfectly smooth surface.

Where to buy a condom for the passage of the ultrasound?

A condom for the ultrasound you can buy in any pharmacy, it is only important when it is order to emphasize the purpose of the acquisition. It is not necessary to worry about what a pharmacist does not understand you – he's a commodity, with top-selling. As for the price, it is slightly different from that of normal condom.

If ultrasonography is planned at a private clinic, then a condom can not buy. Diagnostician uses for treatments of their own, the price of which already included in the General cost of the survey.