The probability of getting pregnant when using a condom is 2%. That is, every two sex act out of a hundred can lead to unwanted pregnancy. The number of women who became pregnant with a condom, according to estimates of physicians, is quite large. Therefore, in the list on the effectiveness of contraceptives condoms is not the first place.

The probability of pregnancy is available for the reason that latex fabric from which is made the condom, like a dense mesh. When the penis is too large, even with proper condom use, portions of the latex strongly stretched and form a defect. Through such microscopic violation of the integrity of the sperm to penetrate.
The contraceptive function of condoms dramatically reduced if it broke during intercourse. The reasons of such unpleasant incidents is varied, for example, inadequate amounts of female lubricant that reduces friction. At its lack, the condom is stretched or torn. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, increase the time of foreplay or use a special lubricant which are sold in pharmacies.

When selecting a lubricant properly pick up its composition. Remember - do not harm latex product only water-based lubricant. Other basics such as oil, lead to the violation of the integrity of the condom, which increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
A condom can transmit male sex cells if it is over the expiration date, or the sealing of the package. In these cases, industrial lubricant dries on the surface of the product and in latex microcracks that direct use of contraceptive does not hold the sperm. Carefully read the expiration date on the packaging and check its integrity.
The integrity of the condom may break when you open the wrong package. Do not use scissors or other sharp objects. Also, do not open the packaging with his teeth. It has a special cut, gently pull up to remove the condom.
Increases the probability of getting pregnant if you are on time wearing a condom. Remember to wear your contraceptive needs before intercourse, but not during intercourse and before ejaculation. Keep in mind that even if the excitation on the tip of my penis stand out the sperm in small amounts, especially if you have recently had sexual intercourse.
Pay special attention to the quality of the product. In cheap condoms high percentage of spoilage. Such products, even with an acceptable shelf life, is highly questionable as a means of barrier contraception.