You will need
  • The different types of condoms: colored, super thin, embossed, glowing, scented.
To preserve the naturalness of the sensations during sex it is better to use super thin condoms. They allow you to fully enjoy sexual intercourse. It is not necessary to doubt the reliability of this type of condoms are as strong as the classic.
Today is for ordinary people who like the brightness in everything, in every detail, produced colored condoms. It's a pretty interesting fact. You can, for example, match the color of the condom with linen or with the color of the underwear of the female partner. A special place among the colored condoms is black. For many black color is the epitome of style in clothes and interior. No wonder he became popular and when choosing the color of the condom.
There are condoms with different flavors. They can afford to diversify oral sex. They not only protect your partner from unwanted pregnancy and infections, but also able to lift her up, setting in a positive way. There are also condoms with different flavors, and many men choose them depending on the preferences of their ladies. For example, if the girl likes roses, and in the intimate life of their aroma can certainly make her happy.
An additional highlight sex can give a kind of condom with a relief surface. Ribbed condoms and condoms with spikes will give your partner new sensations, because the relief surface is able to exert a stronger impact on the wall of women's vagina than a naked penis.
Another variation of this type of contraceptives – glowing condoms. It is possible, partners will be interesting to see in the darkness the movements of the penis clothed in a luminous "clothing". These condoms has one more advantage – they can always be found quickly, even if the room is very dark. In any case, use glowing condoms is very unusual, the only reason is already have them in their collection.