Stores and pharmacies offer a wide range of products in different price categories. Choosing one or the other condom, you should pay attention not only to its price, and cheap condoms are really different from the more expensive on several counts.

However, remember that the most expensive condoms are not necessarily the best quality.

Below are some aspects that you need to pay attention to when choosing contraceptives.

Length, width

There are certain standards of size condom. According to GOST, the minimum length - 17cm, width - 4.5 cm the Sizes can vary depending on the brand of condom, and his species, but they must be indicated on the packaging. One of the obvious differences cheap condom is that the dimensions on the package are not listed. This is due to the fact that an unscrupulous manufacturer or not comply with a certain size in the manufacture of a contraceptive or uses the latex is not the best quality, which is not able to greatly expand and support a larger size.

Therefore, if the package of the condom not specified dimensions - it speaks about its low quality.

Quality latex

The most important thing in any condom is a quality latex from which it is made. The best, and, therefore, expensive latex is produced in Malaysia, and if the manufacturer saves on the procurement of latex, the quality of the product noticeably suffers.

A condom should be durable, hard to reach, but keep the shape, not have any cracks. Yourself cracks cannot be seen with the naked eye, this is done using special equipment. Each contraceptive must undergo quality assurance by using such equipment, otherwise confidence in its reliability can not be. If the packaging indicates, that the condom is tested electronically - quality you can trust.


Another obvious difference expensive condoms from the cheaper - is the quality of the lubricant. First of all, it needs to be hypoallergenic. It should also be of adequate quality and be present in sufficient quantity, otherwise when using a condom may experience unpleasant or pain, burning or itching. In addition, high-quality lubrication contains in its composition substances that contribute to destruction of sperm, which provides additional protection from unwanted pregnancy.