You will need
  • - passport;
  • - Bank card;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • phone.
When you check the card through the ATM, insert it into the device, enter the PIN and select in menu the option "Balance in account" or another, similar in meaning.
The ATM will print a receipt with the necessary information or will ask you to choose, check its display or screen.
When using the device the third-party Bank may charge a fee, your service is free.
When you visit the office you need to show the teller your passport and the card and say that you are interested in the account balance.
If you've connected your Internet banking, you are required to go to the web page and login. In some cases, enough username and password, other need additional ID. For example, a one-time password sent via SMS, or alternating code with scartch card.
If account is not opened immediately after successful logon, click the link.
Authorization on the phone depends on the particular Bank. Usually you need to enter the card number and a special password, but in some cases, the Bank itself finds you tied to the account phone number.
Follow the instructions of autoinformer. Often serves simply choose the desired option from a set available. In an extreme case, you can select the connection to the operator and ask him questions.
Mobile banking is usually possible to check the connected card via SMS. Number to send request and requirements to the text of the message contain instructions for use of the system issued to clients and posted on the website of the Bank. The price of services depends on the tariff policy of the Bank: the fee may not be charged, to be one-time or subscription for the whole package.