Phantom (Ghost, incorporeal substance, from FR. fantоme) is an optical vision, a collective image of an object, both existing and once existing. How are the phantoms are and why they arise? It is believed that the phantom exists in the imagination, generating its essence, so to present it in different ways.

How to find the phantoms?

Phantom is different from a living being only indirect signs, in particular, silent and weightless moves, passing through the real objects, has a fixed opinion, does not feel emotions, cold or heat, no squeaks underneath the floor and not bend the grass.

Phantoms behave in a special way: either copy the movement of the original, or act independently of him. The first are called doppelgangers exist, while there is energy. No makeup, no phantom. When the phantom exists at the expense of other energy sources, in addition to imagination, consider him a Ghost, often tied to the energy of the place, which is why it's impossible for him to leave.

A Ghost is a phantom, independent of the original, while capable of exerting physical effects on the objects of our world, except the person (e.g., to move things). The phantom can be seen only in the half-light (dusk) or at night, i.e., in the absence of the sun's rays, which distort the composition of air on a molecular level.

Why do people see ghosts?

Usually the phantom enters the field of view side, which sends a signal to the brain, different form the entity. The manifestation in the human mind a specific image can occur in several ways, but most often different people see the phantom, which looks like the ethereal and transparent education, reflecting the real creatures that he dematerialized in contact with objects. This entity is in the form of a gray or whitish segments ethereal cloud of a certain shape, resembling foggy or soapy spatial part.

Some witnesses described phenomenon, when the phantom had density and was able to inflict the damage, and disappeared only after readiness of a person to hurt him. The descriptions of people who had seen such a phantom, it looks quite material and resembles a regular daily dressed man.

Most frequently seen phantasms of people with impaired vision. In other recorded cases, their physical appearance occurred spontaneously, against the wishes of the person that usually tells about hard life situation or is a harbinger of adverse events.

Phantoms can occur not only in human but also in any other form. So, in Syria, where hostilities, the soldiers saw phantoms of dogs killed in the mine clearance.