If you seek the assistance of modern science, we can say that man for quite some time has the ability to see through walls. This, of course, through such devices as x-ray and imager. And the second advanced in this category much more. Take the camera, install it, turn on and see not only the objects behind the wall, but real or not, what action is carried out.
There is a perception that 96-97% of the average person not participating in the body. So it is possible that people see through walls, maybe without all techniques. Learn the esoteric works. For example, Hatha yoga offers training, after which everyone will easily learn to see through the wall (according to the author of this training). Take these daily sessions of about 30 to 40 minutes a day, but the result, as stated, will be in a month. Try it, might work.
Another opportunity to see through walls and not only described in the writings of Carlos Castaneda. Examine his writings and choose your path - a dreamer or a Stalker, and can and does prove that you are the nagual is a person with dual aura. While certainly not will be a question how to see through the wall. Studying the works and practicing the magic of Carlos Castaneda, be careful because this is a special world, which can tighten in your whirlpool, and some exercises and did promise danger. The books of Carlos Castaneda will teach absolutely everything, but it can destroy all vision of this world.
And best of all, than to get involved in the jungle of esotericism, consider whether you need it? If there is good will to save people and help them, you may really need it. And if you want to spy on the neighbor who undresses before bed, is it worth it to spend half your life training?