The causes of phantoms

Phantom essentially is not a Ghost, is a kind of energy copy of his master. The Ghost also can exist by itself, without its actual physical media. There are many cases of encounters with the phantoms, while their "owners" often don't have a clue. In some cases, the phantoms are so real that casual person look real live people.

It is assumed that causes an unconscious selection of the phantom are strong emotions, feelings, thoughts about a particular place, event, person. When a person keeps coming back thoughts to some place, his phantom can really be there. Moreover, sometimes it can even see other people.

Science is not yet able to give an intelligible explanation of the appearance of phantoms. Moreover, denying the fact of their existence. However, there are more facts of the appearance of phantoms, including registered via photos and videos.

The practice of allocation of phantoms

There are special magical practices for the allocation of phantom. One of them is this: you need to put it on the floor mattress, lie on it without clothes about 4-5 o'clock in the morning. The pillow is not in use, can be put under the neck with a rolled towel. With your eyes closed must be submitted to your phantom directly above him, about at the height of the meter. He visualized the energy of white color.

After adequate imaging of the phantom human consciousness can be transferred into it, this is the most difficult and important step that requires many years of practice. Then in the body of the phantom one can go to at any interested place.

Sometimes people meet the phantoms of animals, but such cases are much smaller than the phantom contacts people.

Treatment for phantom

There is a method of treatment for phantom, it has been used successfully by many energeticamente in the case when direct contact with the patient impossible. The healer visualizes the phantom in front of a patient and carries with it all the necessary treatments. Such energy impact is registered by the devices during a session the patient, pressure changes, respiratory rate, brain activity, etc.

Phantom pain

Medicine has long known the concept of phantom pain, they often face people who have lost as a result of trauma, injury or illness arm or leg. Limbs, which could hurt anymore, but the person experiences very real pain. And pain's a missing arm or leg.

Science has not really explained the phenomenon. It is assumed that we are talking about the specific activity of brain centers responsible for pain perception. To relieve pain the person is prescribed painkillers, but it gives only a temporary effect.

From the point of view of occultism, the cause of phantom pain is a violation of the integrity of the energy phantom double lost limbs. By special energy therapeutic manipulation of pain can be completely eliminated.

Dangerous phantom?

The vast majority of cases, no. But there are also meetings with the phantoms, ending tragically. Typically, the actual physical influence from the phantom person was not. The cause of death was the fear, that pushed the person to rash actions. For example, jump out the window, off the cliff etc.