The correct emphasis in the word "phenomenon"

In accordance with the norms of modern Russian language in all cases, usage of the accent on the "O" in the word "phenomenon" is correct. Moreover, the stress on the second syllable is retained in all case forms of this word.

However, it is considered valid and the stress on the second syllable – "phenomenon". But there is one subtlety: strike "e" is possible only in cases where "phenomenon" is a person with exceptional abilities in one area or another. But if we are talking about the philosophical concept or the word "phenomenon" is used as a scientific term or a synonym of the word "paradox" would be correct with the emphasis squarely on "o".

"Phenomenon" – the focus may depend on the value

If the word "phenomenon" describes a person, the accent can fall as on the second and third syllable, and both are accepted as correct.

If we are talking about "social phenomenon", "phenomenon of death", "the phenomenon of fashion", some mysterious and amazing phenomenon, when that word is used in relation to any other area of science – the accent can only be "on".

Thus, the pronunciation of "phenomenon" with the accent on the "O" is correct in any situation, and emphasize the "phenomenon" – only in special cases.

How to remember the emphasis in the word "phenomenon"

The desire to make the word "phenomenon" the accent on the last syllable, most likely due to the similarity with those borrowed from the English language, words like "Superman" or "businessman", where "man" means "man".

However, the word "phenomenon" came into Russian language from German, but the roots of the word Greek (φαινόμενον — "appearing", "being"). That event or phenomenon, watch and study, something barely comprehensible.

In order to remember the correct emphasis in the word "phenomenon", you can use some mnemonic techniques.

"Phenomenon" in most cases is incredible. And surprise, corresponds to the cry of "Ohhh!" and it corresponds exactly to the stressed vowel. Try saying that word to a stressed syllable sounded surprised: "Fe-noooo!-men. Or imagine, for example, the cover of the book, which is written large the word – but instead of "On" will be displayed surprised open mouth.

You can use for memorization and short rhyming phrases that tell the correct pronunciation.

For example:

The scientists ' work is multi-volume –

It investigated the phenomenon.

You can think of and that but the word "phenomenon" would include other words with the same accent. For example: "the Phenomenon is huge and puzzling".

Finally, we can go "by contradiction", noting that the word "phenomenon", the focus may fall on "e" only applied to people:

Say uncle "phenomenon",

If uncle Superman

But if not him –

Accent on the "O"!