To find out the balance of the personal account, while in the network "Beeline", dial from your mobile phone the following command: *102# and press "Call". On the display there will appear the information you need. The service is free.
You can also use the self-service system, which is the official website of "Beeline". Open the browser and type in the address bar On the top pane, locate the inscription "my account" and click on it. If you are using the system for the first time, register the password. To do this from your phone dial *110*9# and press "Call". For access to personal data, enter the phone number and the SMS message password. In the "dashboard" you can get information about the status of your account.
If you want to see the cash balance on the display of the phone, activate the service "Balance on screen". To do this, type the following command: *110*902# and press "Call". For the service with your account will be charged a daily subscription fee in the amount of one ruble.
To obtain information about the account you can call on short number 0611. The call is free. If for some reason you have the opportunity to connect with the customer service center, use the "Online consultant", which is the official website of "Beeline".
If you want to know the balance of another subscriber of Beeline, dial from your mobile the following symbols: +79033888696# and press "Call". Wait until the operator answers, then dictate the phone number of your friend. You can also take the help of auto. To do this from your phone, dial +79052006696 and follow heard instructions.