Any Internet service provider on its website for access to the user's personal account, where you can see the exact data for consumed Internet traffic. If you don't know how you can get into your account, please contact technical support of the company providing you Internet services.
In addition, you can install on your computer one of the many programs, which keep records of traffic and provides detailed statistical data. Such programs do not occupy much space and RAM of the computer, but at any moment will show you how much you have downloaded or transferred. You can try the following free software: NetWorx, AccountXP, IO Traf and others. Download one of the popular softportal the, www. etc.).
If you are using Windows 7, you can use a convenient solution for determining the consumed traffic. Download and install to your computer gadget Network Meter EN. This can be done for free on the website in the section "Network gadgets". Once installed on your desktop will appear gadget that will show not only the amount of data transmitted and received, but also the current speed of your Internet connection, as well as other useful information.