In order to know the status of the account of another subscriber of "Beeline", you must dial +79033888696 and wait for a response operator. Then you will need to dial the subscriber's number, whose balance you wish to learn(through +7), and then click grid.
Next you will hear the answering machine, which will tell you about the balance of funds in the account. However, in addition to the rooms, there is also room +79052006696. To check the account in this case is quite simple, you just follow the voice prompts.
If you are a subscriber of "Beeline" and want to know your balance, simply dial *102#. In addition, the mobile operator provides a convenient service called "Balance on screen". Dial *110*902#, then the amount in the account will be permanently displayed on your mobile screen. However, this service is not free, its cost is 50 cents daily.