Balance can find out toll free number *102# or you can display information about its status on the display of the phone. This is possible thanks to the "Balance "display, which is connected to the number *110*902#. Just type this command, then press the call, and then your screen will display the account balance. Activation is free, however for daily service you will be charged 50 cents.
In addition to the service command, you can use the room 0697 under which you will receive information about the amount remaining in your account.
"Beeline" offers its subscribers a single room 0611, where you can get detailed information about the status of your account and the rate you use at the moment, on existing and new tariff plans, company-sponsored promotions and more. It will be useful for those who always want to be aware of emerging innovations. The room is available to all subscribers of "Beeline"call to him is not charged.