You can read the rest of the traffic on the MTS with the help of special USSD-commands, which are typed with the numeric keypad of the phone. A universal request *100*1#, which allows you to find the remaining packages on all tariff plans. In the digital menu, select GPRS. Here you can view the balance of conversation, number of SMS and MMS. Details will be displayed on screen or sent to your number via SMS text messages. Getting any background information is a free service.
If you want to know the rest of the traffic on the MTS in the framework of the tariff packages of shares with limited period of validity query *10 0*2#. And again the menu will have a choice of not only GPRS, but packages of minutes, SMS and MMS and GPRS. If there are additional Internet options find out the remaining balance of GPRS-traffic use the command *111*217#. In response, you will receive a message indicating the remaining number of megabytes of traffic and the period during which it will operate connected option.
To know the available balance of MTS Internet it is also possible for single free reference number 0890. Dialing it you will get to the voice menu. Following the instructions, refer to notification as tariff packages and point to the remainder of GPRS-traffic. If the menu you press "0" you will be answered by the support technician, who will also report all the necessary information. In addition, any data on the rates and services provided to subscribers in offices, and salons of MTS.
To check the remainder of traffic to MTS you can also through your personal account on the official website of the operator. Sign in using your personal login and password. Go to "account Status". Scroll down the page and see the subtitle "the Rest of the packages...". Here, you'll see the rest of the Internet traffic and minutes of conversation and other connected options.