Turn on your personal computer or laptop and run the software "MTS connect". In the menu bar and scroll to "account Management" and run it. A window opens in which you must click on the button "Check balance". To the left you will see a small text message with information about the account balance. Also the balance can be determined by the field "Enter the USSD command", which indicates the combination *100#.
Click the "Submit" button will receive a few seconds a response in the form of a text message on the amount of funds in your account of the service "MTS connect". Another way of determining the balance through the program is associated with the button "Call" on the menu bar.
Click on it and enter the number 11111 (five ones), then press Enter or the corresponding button in the program. Will receive a voice message about the balance, therefore, it is desirable to turn the sound on the computer.
Remove the SIM card from the modem of the service "MTS connect", if it is not possible to check balance through a computer. Insert the card into your mobile and switch it on. Type the command check your account balance *100# and press the call button. The screen will appear system message on the current balance. You can also call the number 11111 (five ones) and listen to a voice message.
Go to menu of your phone and scroll to the "MTS-info" or "MTS services", select "MTS Services" and click on the command "Balance". In response you will receive free SMS message with relevant information.
Go to the official website of the mobile operator "MTS" for the link where log in "Personal account". To receive the password for this service, you need to insert a SIM-card "MTS connect", then dial *111*25# or dial the short number 1115. This service is free.
If you don't remember her number, you must dial *111*0887# or call a short number 0887. Enter in the login form "Personal profile" the card number and password. Log in and go to "Balance".