You will need
  • Internet connection;
  • The browser you installed.
Use MTS, which is called Internet Assistant. If you have not previously accessed it, you must obtain a password to enter. To do this, think of it in advance. It must consist of numeric sequence length minimum 4, maximum 7 characters. For example, 6297 – numeric sequence of four characters.
Type keyboard cell phone sequence *111*25#
Send the call by pressing the button with the green handset. For voice interaction with system access call number 1118. Follow the prompts you will receive from the system and set your password.
Connect to Internet regular way, how it is provided by the settings of your operating system.
Start a browser and in the input string ' type
Then press Enter. Youíll see the website of the company of MTS. You will find yourself on the page of entrance to the Internet.
Click in the box labeled "Number" by clicking it with the left mouse button. Enter the ten digits of your cell phone numbers of MTS.
Click in the box next to "Password" by clicking the mouse or tap the keyboard Tab. Enter the password, then press Enter on the keyboard or on the screen click on the red "Enter"button.
You get into the main section of the Internetand, in its main menu. It lists the major sections of the service. In the first of them under the umbrella term "ACCOUNT" is available in various options for obtaining detail of your personal account. Below will be a link "account Status". Select this option and you will see information about the balanceof your cash for communications services. And if you use the link "Detailed report on the balance", then you will get more detailed information.