If you need to understand what the balance Internet tablet MTS, you need to learn about the different ways of obtaining information about the account.

How to find out balance on the Internet at MTS

To check the status account home or mobile Internet you can call the helpdesk operator 0890. The call is free for all users of SIM-cards from MTS. Your call answer voice-automated system. Listen to the info from the main menu and make the appropriate selection by pressing the key. The answering machine will inform you detailed information on the status of the account.

If you handle the machine failed, wait for the response of the operator by pressing while listening to a menu 0 key. Unfortunately, to get through to a live reference librarian service is quite difficult because of the large number of calls of subscribers, who want to solve problems. If your time to obtain the necessary information is limited, use other methods.

To know the balance of Internet on your tablet, you can also send the request *100# and call. To obtain information about the status of the account using this number you can also phone or computer with the USB modem. In response you will receive information not only about the balance of funds in the account, but also the quantity of traffic, the remains of the packages as promotions and bonuses.

The operator is also the service "Mobile assistant". To use it, you need to get three units and a challenge. The screen will appear the combinations of digits that should be sent to get certain information. Following the prompts, you will be able to check balance of MTS Internet on your tablet.

To learn about the status of the account is also using SMS. You need to send a message 11 to 111. Detailed information on account balance and other statistics will come in reply SMS.

To check the balance from your tablet convenient to use the "Internet assistant" MTS. To do this, go to the company website, go to services and find the line "account status". All necessary information is displayed on the screen.

How to find out balance of home Internet MTS

To check balance of MTS Internet if you have connected the modem through a personal account on the website of the operator. For this purpose in the upper right corner on the website need to enter a username and password previously passed the registration procedure. The current balance and the traffic you can see the menu after login.

In some terminals you can also check the expense of home Internet MTS. For example, ATMs of payment of the savings Bank. To obtain the necessary information, you must enter a contract number and password, then the screen will display the desired data.

How to check balance on MTS on iPad

To see how much money is left in the account of MTS in the tablet from Apple, you can consult the website of MTS. If you use a modem in its settings you can find a section called "account Balance". Most of these methods check the balance on your tablet with Internet MTS is relevant for the iPad.

To be always aware of how much traffic and money you have left on your account, you can also activate the service "Live balance". To do this, go to your account settings, open SIM programs" and then "My balance".