Select the reason you want to return a favor. It will be the basis for your poem. Select the form of treatment. If you write the older person, she should be respectful if the head, the official, if their friends or relatives, then the appeal should be friendly and warm. Incorrectly chosen form of treatment can spoil all impression.
During the writing of poetic gratitude avoid trite words and clichés. Try to imagine yourself in the place of the person you dedicate the row. Think about it, you would be pleased to receive such a poem. The rule is that less is more. Try to write the most original greeting. Remember, you're writing to a specific person.
If you could write your own poem does not work, use already written to you. In large numbers they can find on the Internet. Select from them those that consider most appropriate and beautiful. And make their own unique twist: correct, correct the work, address it to a specific person.
Thank you in different ways. Perhaps the most genuine and sincere will be a personal poetry reading. Select suitable for this reason. If a person collects guests, read thanks at the table.
Another option is to send in the mail. Neatly calligraphed copy of the poetic gratitude on a clean sheet of paper. Additional poems can be framed in a frame or draw other patterns. Turn the piece with gratitude and put in a pre-signed envelope. The letter can be sent by regular mail, and you can order a courier delivery. With gratitude to the person it is possible to deliver flowers.