Advice 1: How nice to say thank you

Often people say thank you, mechanically, not thinking about the deep meaning and powerful energy promise of the word. How to thank beautiful and with meaning.
Gratitude gives a powerful impetus to the relations

Not just thank you

Thank you – the word is of Russian origin. Originated in the fusion of the phrase "God save". Introduced into use in the early 20th century, almost replacing the word thank you (and thank you legacy).

How to say thank you and to say whether it is a personal matter. But you can't just say thank you and really Express my sincere gratitude. Besides, the word is a talisman. When people say thank you, they (even subconsciously) give someone a grateful guardian, referring to God and "including" some mechanism of protection.

The word thank (give the benefit) means the expression of approval. In response to any good one who is thanked in turn makes good and gets a powerful boost of approval is a great incentive for personal growth.

Gratitude has a very good effect on people. She remembered, pleased, sometimes even pleasantly surprised when people think that they give thanks for anything (and they sheepishly answer for that). All people are worthy of gratitude for everything we have, for all the good in my life and for thanking you can to get more.

The word thank you is a gift. Even if no physical gift to give, you can always say thank you. Sometimes it is more important than the gift and, of course, elevates the giver in the eyes of others, prompting in the future to even greater generosity. Saying thank you and thank you, people share their joy, love, peace and, of course, good.

Who and what to thank

One to thank is necessary. Parents – for the fact that every minute of their lives they give to their children. Children presented to their parents the joy and continuation of life. Favorite, because they of the billion inhabitants of the world chose you and love and accept what you are. Teachers who indicate a goal, a path and way of making. Students who gratefully accept knowledge, accumulating the wisdom of mankind. Brothers and sisters, not only by blood but by spirit, which together go through life and help in every moment. Relatives who form a family and have strong support. Friends with whom you can share any hardships and greatest joys. Colleagues that make professional life more interesting. Chiefs, who for the sake of own good care about the welfare of subordinates. Subordinates who honestly and selflessly working for the benefit of the whole team. Neighbors, which diversify the life and are suppliers of different kinds of information.

All people are worthy of appreciation. To say thank you, putting in it the true meaning is not just beautiful and culturally. This is the way to save humanity from extinction.

Advice 2: How to say beautiful about love

Recognition of love is important and exciting moment in life. Depends on him, will be further relations of the couple. So I want to say about love is right, beautiful and not to strike in a dirt the person.
How to say beautiful about love
It is not always possible, but first, you better be sure that your feelings are mutual. Because if not, then the person may just hate your recognition. And you will be very sorry to see compassion, indifference or even hostility towards you. So to confess in love is better when you have already started Dating, and before that, just socialize and show signs of attention.
Do not have to speak the banal "I love you". Depending on your imagination, you can think of and more unusual recognition. Of course, it is better to act spontaneously, but if you are confident in your abilities, think about the recognition in advance. Inventing a speech, put yourself in the place of a loved one and imagine your response to such recognition. How would you like it?
In the search for ideas pay attention to the Hobbies of the partner. If he or she, for example, engaged in skydiving, we can say about his loveby jumping together. If this Hobbies you can come up with something unusual, for example, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding or a trip on the ship.
Confessing his love to a girl, don't be afraid to bring in its recognition of friends. For example, invite her to the Park, and at some point start to kiss her. Your friend needs to quickly come up behind her and put your hand on the flower. When you hand it to your girlfriend, she will be pleasantly surprised by your focus, but even more pleasure she will take the words spoken at that moment.
Girls also should not hesitate to confess love first. It is possible that the young man was too timid and just scared to do it myself. But if you still want to first hear pleasant words and then answer them, then you can hint at it. To do this, as often as possible try to show that you are the one he is looking for.

Advice 3: How to say thank you to a friend

Sometimes, people just do not have enough words to Express my gratitude, and he, feeling responsible, is beginning to tire of the relationship with a friend who helped him. How is it to say "thank you"?
How to say thank you to a friend
If you met on an Internet forum with someone who gave you advice in a difficult moment, to say "thank you", simply click the corresponding button in the profile or in the beginning of the topic. Don't forget at least mentally "push" this button in real life.
Say thank you old friend, helping you in the lurch as it is customary in your circle. Perhaps what you are after hard cases and collaboration used to go to the bath, in a restaurant or go to barbecues. Take this time to spend a but before that consult about it with your friends: what they say. Or give him an exclusive thing, in your possession, of which he had long dreamed of. Not furnish the giving of this gift as something out of the ordinary. Between the old friends for the ceremony is not accepted.
If you helped the person with whom you are in regular friendly relationship or working together, expensive gifts should not be done. This may confuse people as it is possible that he acted unconsciously, or in obedience to a momentary impulse. You can limit to a simple heartfelt gratitude, and in any case not to tell him that you were friends forever. To become friends at one point, we need some really extraordinary circumstances.
Do not forget each time to thank the strangers, which you timely support. In no case do not offer them money, not to offend. This is only possible between close friends, and as a token of gratitude and is a sign of a close relationship. And don't say to your friends "thank you" for no reason.
If you helped a friend with whom you have not seen, ask first how he's doing, find out what he lives and what he does. Remember how he was before. And then give thanks. Time changes people, but if your friend once could not tolerate deliberate gratitude, and was always happy to help just tell him "thanks" and renew relationships.
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