Not just thank you

Thank you – the word is of Russian origin. Originated in the fusion of the phrase "God save". Introduced into use in the early 20th century, almost replacing the word thank you (and thank you legacy).

How to say thank you and to say whether it is a personal matter. But you can't just say thank you and really Express my sincere gratitude. Besides, the word is a talisman. When people say thank you, they (even subconsciously) give someone a grateful guardian, referring to God and "including" some mechanism of protection.

The word thank (give the benefit) means the expression of approval. In response to any good one who is thanked in turn makes good and gets a powerful boost of approval is a great incentive for personal growth.

Gratitude has a very good effect on people. She remembered, pleased, sometimes even pleasantly surprised when people think that they give thanks for anything (and they sheepishly answer for that). All people are worthy of gratitude for everything we have, for all the good in my life and for thanking you can to get more.

The word thank you is a gift. Even if no physical gift to give, you can always say thank you. Sometimes it is more important than the gift and, of course, elevates the giver in the eyes of others, prompting in the future to even greater generosity. Saying thank you and thank you, people share their joy, love, peace and, of course, good.

Who and what to thank

One to thank is necessary. Parents – for the fact that every minute of their lives they give to their children. Children presented to their parents the joy and continuation of life. Favorite, because they of the billion inhabitants of the world chose you and love and accept what you are. Teachers who indicate a goal, a path and way of making. Students who gratefully accept knowledge, accumulating the wisdom of mankind. Brothers and sisters, not only by blood but by spirit, which together go through life and help in every moment. Relatives who form a family and have strong support. Friends with whom you can share any hardships and greatest joys. Colleagues that make professional life more interesting. Chiefs, who for the sake of own good care about the welfare of subordinates. Subordinates who honestly and selflessly working for the benefit of the whole team. Neighbors, which diversify the life and are suppliers of different kinds of information.

All people are worthy of appreciation. To say thank you, putting in it the true meaning is not just beautiful and culturally. This is the way to save humanity from extinction.