Use your creativity, if any. As a thank you for the gift of perfect poem, or a thank you. You will be able to present during the next immediate meeting. Be sure that in this way you will be able to surprise the man, and perhaps to earn another gift.
Make a gift in response. Not necessarily to give expensive gift, although if the opportunity then why not. In any case, the main thing – attention. Give some trinket symbolizing your affection for this person. What can you give in gratitude? Perfect little things like Souvenirs, gift certificates, sweets. Options actually a lot. It is important to remember that in any case can not give a giftexceeding a value given to you. It is definitely put a person in an uncomfortable position. As for gifts, sensitive to business etiquette, everything is a little bit easier. The best gift, than the products with symbols of your company and impossible to think. For example, Notepad, pen and Cup with your company logo are perfect for return business gift.
Thank a loved one, there is nothing easier. This can be a romantic candlelight dinner. In this intimate environment, you will be able to tell many pleasant words, expressing your sincere gratitude. To thank friends is also quite easy. You can invite them to a cafe, cinema or somewhere else. Natural that to pay the bill you will need.
Use of modern technology. The easiest way to say thank you for a gift is to send a thank – you SMS card. You can also use email and social networks, which is currently greatly simplify life.