If you decided to reward a woman, you'll like – flowers with a note, a beautiful cake decorated with roses, candy box, chocolate or fruit. The sweets sold by weight do not give, do not, under any circumstances.
If you decided to thank man, you'll like – vintage wine, cognac, whiskey, honey, coffee beans or cigars.
If you want to thank humbly, then you can always give people something based on his interests: a good book, a painting, a tea set, a disk or even disc, because the interests of different people.
If a person did for you a really big favor or gave a very nice gift, in honor of this you can publish in a local newspaper of a word of gratitude.
Thank person can always be in writing. Write a thank-you note or a postcard and send it to mail or courier. Sometimes you can attach to the card a small gift like some delicacy to the table. The person will be very nice for this small, but gratitude.
You can invite this person in some institution. Sit in a pleasant atmosphere to relax. Such a commendation would be a pleasure.
Thank man it is possible and on any occasion. So you and congratulate and thank for what he did to you. The man will be doubly pleased.
If you don't know how to thank the person, you can always do any service to him in return. Not to wait until he was asked, and to offer assistance as soon as you see the need for it.