To say thank you in different ways, but the important thing is to be able to feel subtle nuances.If you want to thank for the gift, remember that you cannot accept a gift with an indifferent face, you can give a person the feeling that its a gift you do not like. In any case not to say, "you shouldn't have", "Well, why do you bother", "Thank you, but it's unnecessary." Believe me, if a person gave you a gift, so he does not believe that spent their time and money in vain. Appreciate it.
Be honest. If your feelings are real, people always correctly understand, when you approach a person with a pure heart, he will understand. That is why you should discard your embarrassment and unnecessary suffering. There is nothing to fear.
Try to clearly Express their sense of gratitude. When you speak words of appreciation, pronounce them clearly and loudly enough to the one who receives it, clearly hear your thanks.
Be careful to whom you are speaking. It is not necessary to say thank you in passing, by the way. People, which you the service is really worthy of your attention.
Always call the person's name when thanking. Psychologists have long found that the name is the most pleasant combination of sounds for any person. Agree that the phrase "Thank you" sounds quite different than "Thank you, Mr G.".
For many people the word "thank you" became so routine, so familiar that its meaning is almost lost. Therefore it is better to not say "thank you" and "thank you." The word "thank" comes from the phrase "give benefit", which is always perceived positively. Person who has received from you such kind words, will note to myself your spiritual generosity.
Thank from all my heart. This means that you thank at the first opportunity, and will do it again and again, even mentioning in casual conversation with this man. Believe me, in this question you will hardly Intrusive, and the person will be pleased to hear that he had someone do a valuable service.
All these tips seem simple, but it is similar enough to the delicate behaviour will help you to master the art of interpersonal relations.