New year's greetings to thank and answer their own greeting.
The greeting happy birthday in person or on the phone - just to thank or to say thank you. The letter, e-mail, postal letter need to respond and respond with words of gratitude for the fact that you are not forgotten and remembered an important event for you, available to you in any form.
On the 8th of March, if you congratulated a woman, need to thank and congratulate her in response. If the man to thank. The intensity of emotions must come from approximate to you this man.
On February 23, to do the same. Man to congratulate in response, and for the female to Express my gratitude.
On national holidays, you can reply "Thanks, same to you".
On Holy Easter greetings special sound, and the response to them to be appropriate. The sounds greeting "Christ is Risen", the response should be "he is Risen Indeed".