What is the emphasis in the word "expert" and cognate words

All the dictionaries of the Russian language were unanimous that the emphasis in the word "expert" has placed on the second syllable, the vowel E is "expert". At this point such popular publications as the dictionary of Ozhegova or Dalja, spelling and orthoepic dictionaries.

The emphasis on the first syllable pronouncing it is considered quite rude by mistake, and some reference books (for example, Russian word stress") even emphasize the inadmissibility of such pronunciation.

The accent on the second syllable is found in all the case forms of the word: expert, experts, expert, and so on.

Эксперт - ударение и склонение

In the adjective "expert", as in the word "expert" the emphasis will fall on the second syllable: "Commission of experts", "expert opinions" and so on. Accent on the "e" will continue in slozhnosochinennyh words (e.g. "the examiner"). And the word "examination" the focus is shifted to the third syllable. The main thing you need to remember – the vowel "a" in the first syllable in such words is always unstressed.

How to memorize the right accent "expert"

In order to remember the correct pronunciation of the word "expert", you can use a proven mnemonic techniques. So, accent is well remembered by means of short couplets – when the rhythm of the verse itself "pushes" the correct formulation of the stress.

The word "expert" accent to remember you by using the following couplets:

Sealed our expert

Conclusion in the envelope.

Or this:

Waiting for the painter at the easel

Expert opinion.

To remember the correct pronunciation, you can recall the meaning of the word "expert". It comes from the Latin expertus (experienced), and an expert by definition is always a specialist in any of the areas. If briefly – "special." Therefore, you can remember that "expert – expert", which means that the second syllable in charge here, so the word "expert" the emphasis needs to fall to E.