The emphasis in the word "security": two unequal normal variant

Question about the accent in the word "security" in the modern Russian language can be called "discussion". Of course, the normative is a variant with stress on the second syllable – "security". It is indicated as correct all the dictionaries of the Russian language, as explanatory, and orthographic or orthoepic (dictionaries stress).

But the pronunciation of "ensure" with the accent on the fourth syllable from the compilers of the dictionaries there is no unity of opinions. In many publications the emphasis of the "software" specified as the only true, the variant with the accent on the fourth syllable in some dictionaries specifically flagged as incorrect.

However, a number of dictionaries published in recent years, cites as correct both – and "providing" and "provision". This, for example, "Russian spelling dictionary of the Russian Academy of Sciences, edited by Lopatin and pronouncing dictionary of the Reznichenko, inbound, by the way, the list of publications recommended to resolve contentious issues when using Russian as the state language. That suggests that "provision" is the word which is in accordance with contemporary norms of the Russian language allows for two casts of stress, and both of them are correct.

"Software" – the emphasis on which syllable it is better to put

Russian language is living and developing, and the emergence of the new normative pronunciations is quite a natural process. Therefore, the option "security" with the accent on the fourth syllable in the modern Russian language can be considered already "sprouted". At least pronouncing a mistake this option to call anymore.

However, this norm is accepted far not by all – in contrast to accent the "security" that recognizes correct and the literary in all sources. Therefore, this option is best considered a basic, undeniable. And if the question on which syllable correctly put the accent in the word "provision" should be given a definite answer, so is "security".

Probably in 10-20 years, both the stress in the word "security" shall be equally literary, but still can be considered the preferred pronunciation with the accent on the third syllable.