"Ukrainian" is the correct accent on the "And"

The authors of all modern dictionaries of the Russian language is recognized as correct only one option of the production of the stress in the word "Ukrainian" – on the third syllable, with the accent on the "And" – "Ukrainian".

In some publications (e.g., dictionary, Russian word stress" Zarva) even specifically noted that the option stress "Ukrainian" is incorrect. The pronunciation of this adjective with stress on the second syllable pronouncing it is considered an error.

Accent on the "I" is stored in the decline and change according to the gender or number: "Ukrainian borsch", "Ukraine," "Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian costume".

"Ukrainian" and "Ukraine" – accent on the third syllable

The name of the country – Ukraine, and also such words as "Ukrainian" or "Ukrainian" accent, in accordance with the norms of the Russian literary language is in the third syllable. It is also the only regulatory option that fixed both spelling and pronouncing dictionaries.

The emphasis of "Ukrainian" is an obsolete norm

The view that in the adjective "Ukrainian" accent can (or even should) fall on the "A" might be incorrect, but still easily understandable. The fact that the rules of pronunciation of words change over time, and in the past in Russian, the emphasis in the word "Ukrainian" was put on the second syllable. And it was only logical – in fact the old name of Ukraine sounded like "PoA", with the accent on the "A" in the second syllable.

Then the rules changed. Until the mid-twentieth century, many dictionaries of the Russian language recorded double the rate of stress in the word "Ukrainian" – as in the second and third syllable.

And "the Ukrainian" with the accent on the "A" (same pronunciation as "PoA") can be found in Russian poetry – for example, Osip Mandelstam ("...the roll call of trains,/ par / them stretched beeps"). And almost everybody knows the first line of the famous poem of Pushkin "Poltava": "the Ukrainian night...". It is often cited as an argument to people who think it's emphasis is correct. Classic can't be wrong!

Do – Klassik was not wrong, this pronunciation is not a poetic figure of speech and is fully compliant with the rules of the Russian language of the time. But since Russian language has changed significantly, and in the twenty-first century in the adjective "Ukrainian" emphasis should be placed on the third syllable.