The correct accent in the word "funds"

The word "means" the accent always falls on the first syllable, the vowel "E". And in all case forms, singular or plural, it remains unchanged. Means, means, means – the right emphasis in all cases on the first syllable.

In the singular this word is in most cases pronounced correctly, but an error in the accent in the plural ("funds") belongs rather frequent. In some dictionaries of the Russian language even emphasizes the infidelity of this option point.

Accent on "a" is pronouncing a gross mistake. Many people believe that just saying that the people from remote villages or very uneducated people. Therefore, we can say that a wrong accent "Means" is a kind of marker that quickly identifies the low level of culture of the interlocutor. Also the habit of doing the accent in this word the last syllable is credited with "stupid officials" who "puts the documents in the portfolio".

"Funds" – accent on "E" all values

Sometimes you can find the view that the word "means" accent on the last syllable is admissible in the case when it comes down to money. This is not so. Accent on the "E" is put in all values – regardless of whether we are talking about medical drugs, the media, detergents or technical, means of production or Finance.

The word "means" meaning "money, capital, tangible assets can be used only in the plural, but the impact would in any case only the first syllable.

The words "means" and "means" accent on the "E" is a rule that has no exceptions.