You will need
  • Passport.
To begin to address the situation, which allowed the restoration of lost room. Such situations may include the loss of SIM card and also lock on the phone roomand in view of his long inactivity. If the phone number has been blocked due to your fault (violation of a specific contract clause), it cannot be restored. You need to back room Beeline?
The restoration of the telephone roomand Beelinedecorated for your data. To recover the décor of you room, you need to visit your nearest office of the mobile operator Beeline. When planning your visit, don't forget to bring your passport as you will need it to initialize the owner of a telephone number. By visiting our office, contact the employee Beeline asking the recovery room. If such a procedure is possible, you will be given a new SIM card, acting on her old roomom.
The restoration of the telephone roomand Beeline, issued to another person. Today, there are such cases when the subscriber uses the phone numberof the om, issued to another person. If you lose access to the telephone numberin such a situation, you can restore it only if the office of operator will return the owner of the roomand under the contract. When you call, he is also obliged to present their passport with the Beeline.