Change of tariff plan "Beeline" is available via the Internet. So you don't even have to visit the salon, if you use special management system. It is possible anytime to monitor the service. You can, for example, activate new services, deactivate the old one, if they are no longer needed, order detail account. And most importantly, you will get the opportunity in the time needed to change the tariff and to about him all the information you need.

In order to use the self-service system, visit the website To gain access to the system start typing USSD-request *110*9# and send it to the operator. After sending your phone should receive a text message. From it you will learn your username and password to login. The password will be temporary, it can then be changed, but the username in the "Beeline" set your phone number in ten-digit format.

After you first login to the system with a temporary password, set a new password. It will become a regular. It needs to contain six to ten characters.

Subscribers of the operator "Beeline" don't forget about the possibility of going to the office or the salon. There staff will help you choose the best tariff plan. Most importantly, be sure to take the contract for the provision of communication services, which was concluded at the time of purchase of the SIM card. You may also need a passport.

The operator has mobile assistant "Guide Beeline". With it, you can get the latest information about promotions and news, services, tariff plans. The guide itself will set your current tariff plan, talk about its features, will allow you to connect or disconnect services and change tariff plan. Mobile assistant is available to subscribers by number 0611 or 8 (727) 3 500 500.