First, perform a preliminary educational work, prepare a person to think that you would like to celebrate his day of birth at home. Of course, Teens are different, many will gladly agree to that. But if your child strongly opposed, try to persuade him that everything will work out, even if the apartment father, mother and dog (and maybe grandma will come) his celebration can be held with glitter. Personally invite friends of a teenager to you on the occasion and promised the boy that if something goes wrong, he will be able to spend your day of birth as he pleases.
The holiday house is always a considerable responsibility. If you decide to spend the day of the birth of your son or daughter at home, be ready to unexpected turn of events and the weight of consequences, not always favorable. The apartment need to furnish it to your many restless guests were free. Clean out all of that they will be able to break or break. Attract and your birthday, ask him which one would he choose the format of the holiday, what he wants to see your day of birth. Be attentive to his wishes, that he did not feel that the holiday you arranged for myself and not for him.
Special attention to the needs of a teenager will take, when you make an apartment or house for the holiday. The son or daughter is already formed taste and your young birthday boy probably won't want to view your apartment has disgraced it in the eyes of their peers. The younger generation has their own tastes, which you maybe do not know. Suddenly your child doesn't want you to hang on all the walls of his baby pictures where he is not wearing underwear: as lovely as these photos may seem to you, your child, they can only hurt and humiliate in the eyes of his friends.
Attract birthday and plan a holiday. What contests he wants to make? Knows what kind of games? Grant to Chad to decide what kind of entertainment he prepared for friends, because no one knows them as well as he, and you have no idea what they like. Let, if that, he turns to you for scrap materials, asking permission if he could use the computer for the evening (if he does not have his laptop). Let him alone, and he quickly realized what his day of birth at home.
When the fun starts, limit your stay in the hotel. Remember that adolescents are already not children. When children are young, their day of birth is a holiday. When they grow up, the day of birth becomes their own holiday. Svyknites with the idea that your child is gradually moving away from you, and give him some freedom. Are at a distance, but within reach. For example, take a celebration of one room, and themselves to sit in the other, or get out to the neighbors sometimes came there and checked if everything is the house in order. Let the teenager see that he's still pretty big that he needs to report to adults.