What fish to jerk

Jerk fish at home is easy. Sabrefish, roach, bream, roach, perch, Sapa, bream – all these species of fish are great for drying.

Fish must be freshly caught – is a guarantee of the subsequent purity of the product. Each fish separately should be cleaned of mucus, dirt and debris to let the water drain out.

To jerk the fish, it is necessary to pickle

Before starting to jerk fish like roach, it should be pickle. For pickling you will need utensils. This may be a plastic bucket, basin, enameled or aluminum container, pot, stainless steel. The bottom of the dish you need to sprinkle with coarse salt or pour a strong salt solution (120 g of salt per 1 kg of fresh fish). Then laid out the first layer of fish, usually the largest and sprinkled with salt. Fish are stacked tightly, belly up. Then put the second layer of fish on top – a layer of salt, etc. Dishes with salted fish should be put in a cool place.

On the second day will be a brine or a brine. Now on top of fish you need to put oppression (a large jar of water, a brick or a rock in the package). The air from the fish will be squeezed under the influence of the load. Two days later, the yoke can be removed.

To determine the degree of posolennoy on the third day. Properly salted fish, if its pulling the tail and the head, crunches, because the salt has impregnated the spine. In addition, tapping a finger on the fleshy part of the fish remains dent, insufficient salting fish this trail disappears. Meat on the back of salted fish are dense, the cut dark grey.

Before you can jerk the fish, it was soaked

Jerk fish should have been soaked and well washed. Each fish separately must be washed from the salt and slime without damaging the scales. Soak the fish should be in fresh water for several hours. For example, fish that Sollas three days, you must lie in water for 4 hours. Three hours of soaking is enough to fish the two-day pickling. During this time, you need to change the water and keep the water completely covered the fish.

There are several ways stringing fish. For example, fit the pieces of aluminum or copper wire length from 40 to 50 centimeters. You can take a clothesline, twine, strips with nails. Stainless wire you can bend the hooks, and mesh in a frame will be needed if the fish are very small. Experienced fishermen advised to puncture the fish's eyes, so it will be smooth and will look good.

Where you can jerk fish

Jerk fish at home, at the cottage, in the attic, in the garden, on the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Hang the fish better in the evening, during the night it weather-beaten and in the morning flies is not so much interested in them. For protection from flies, you can use the mesh of nylon or gauze, stretched on a frame, which is a fish.

And finally, how to jerk fish

Not worth the fish tightly positioned to each other. Each of them should be well ventilated and warm sun rays. Drying time will depend on the weather, time of year, size of the fish. Better if it's not too humid, and the temperature will not rise above 23 degrees. At a higher temperature, the fatty fish varieties can leak fat and wet fish simply cooked in the sun. In this weather it should be dried in a draught under a canopy, in the attic or in the shade.

In five days you can start trying dried fish for readiness, and it should be done every day. Better if it will slightly nedosushennye than Vice versa. Have right dry fish ROE red-orange color, dry and harsh back, pink and yellow meat.

Ready dried fish should be stored in a cool place in a paper package.